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Leap Alumni

It has been said that a community’s vitality can be measured in part by the voluntary contributions of it’s leaders. The vision of Leadership Pensacola is a community filled with leaders who are well informed, committed and have the desire to inspire positive change in the Pensacola area.



Scott Grisset / Andrews Institute


1040 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561


Chad Stacy / Financial Advisor

Direct Line (850) 439-5564

Rodney Rich & Company

300 North Tarragona Street

Pensacola, FL  32501

phone (850) 434-5321 | fax (850) 434-5323


Hong Tran, MBA, MA
Operations Services Director

Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute
1717 North E Street, Suite 203

Pensacola, FL  32501
P: 850.469.7708 | F: 850.469.7739
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Pensacola Business Radio: 05.04.16 – Guests: Catherine Hedden and David Gumple / Films About Me, Constance Pace Bartell / Medi Home Health Agency/Medical Services of America, Inc.


Catherine Hedden and David Gumple / Films About Me

The Science of Starting With Why

 Neuroscience has proven that people don’t choose to work with you, or buy what you’re selling because of features or functions or your credentials or experience.  They choose to work with you because they feel a connection to you.  And, that connection grows from having a shared “why.”

 Whether you’re a solopreneur or the CMO of a Fortune 100 company, we can help you create deeper connections with your viewers by telling the story of your why, as it plays out in the narrative of your customer’s life.

Marketing has changed.  It’s no longer “mass.” 

 You don’t want to reach everyone with your message,

you want to connect with the right people, with the right message.

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Yes, we actually like each other.

 We work together, we live together, we parent together.  We’re married.  To each other.  And, we are insanely passionate about our work.  Maybe that’s why being together 24/7 works for us.

David has the rare ability to switch between taking an analytical view and emotionally connecting.  David communicates selectively and purposefully with a minimalist approach, making him an extraordinary film maker and gifted editor.  He is discerning, perceptive and considerate.  And, he loves to have fun.

Catherine is a captivative communicator who uses her high expectations and intuitive understanding of what others need to build vivid images of the positive impact you can have on your clients.  She is approachable, transparent and inspired by connecting people to each other.


Pensacola Business Radio: 5.3.16-Guests: Chad Franklin/Volunteers of America Florida


Chad Franklin / Volunteers of America

About Volunteers of America of Florida

What does it take to help America’s most vulnerable citizens? Commitment. Innovation. A willingness to step forward when the task is most difficult. Volunteers of America of Florida strives to uplift people in desperate need by working in the trenches where we can effect real change.

Nationally, Volunteers of America touches the lives of more than 2.5 million people each year in over 400 communities across 46 states and Puerto Rico, with nearly 16,000 employees. Volunteers of America of Florida contributes to this total by providing health services, housing and training, education and employment to our most needy residents. We are recognized as the largest provider of supportive housing for homeless veterans in Florida, serving 13 communities from Pensacola to Key West.

Through our wide-range of programs and services, we are able to reduce public expenditures for homelessness, hospitalization and institutionalization. We focus on results, continually improving the delivery of services to ensure that those we serve thrive.

Volunteers of America of Florida is a faith-based, human service organization that has been serving our community for decades. We are the first to step forward, taking on the most crushing problems. We are passionate, spiritual, creative problem solvers working together with vulnerable people and their families to achieve long-term, sustainable and meaningful change.  Our Mission: To Uplift All People.

Click here to read our manifesto and understand Why We Do What We Do.

Click here to learn about our Accreditation and why being accredited is so important.

Pensacola Main Office
1617 Blackwell Lane, Apt 204
Pensacola, FL 32514
(850) 479 3444