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Pensacola Business Radio: STEM Talk with Dr. Erica Taylor/Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering, University of West Florida



Dr. Erica W. Taylor received a BS in Biology from Prairie View A&M University in May 2005 and her doctorate in Physiology with a specialization in Neuroscience from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in August 2013. She has been a faculty member in the Biology department at the University of West Florida for two years. In addition to teaching, Dr. Taylor serves as the faculty liaison between Housing and the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering for the STEM living learning community and is the director of the NSF S-STEM Scholars program.


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Pensacola Business Radio: 6-30-16 Guests: Julia Montgomery, Laurie Murphy and Lynne Buchanan



Julia Montgomery / FSBDC @ UWF (Florida Small Business Development Center at the University of West Florida)


Our mission: The Florida Small Business Development Center at the University of West Florida – College of Business (FSBDC at UWF) delivers, through certified professionals, consulting, training and information to help businesses succeed and create a positive impact for the Florida economy, while providing value for our stakeholders.


Founded in 1999, Emerald Coastkeeper is one of 240 (and counting) member organizations of the Waterkeeper Alliance. We are a grassroots organization that monitors four main watersheds in the Florida Panhandle. Our mission is to investigate, educate and protect our right to swimmable. fishable and drinkable water. We believe that healthy waterways are directly connected to healthy communities and healthy people.

 In our four watersheds, you will find many springs, creeks, rivers, bayou’s, bays and of course, the Gulf of Mexico.

 Pollution can happen anywhere, not just from large industries. Some of the greatest concerns in our region stem from residential pollution.

 Some of the more common culprits are septic system failure, erosion and sedimentation, nutrient loading from fertilizers, red tide, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, (PCBs) lead, mercury, animal wastes, industrial paint source discharge, oil spills, commercial vessel pollution, residential development, and household garbage.

Protecting our waterways and drinking water from contaminants is everyone’s responsibility. We can’t do it alone…we need your help!

Feel free to contact us if you want to volunteer or to report a problem. We look forward to creating a healthy community with you!


As an artist, I express my emotional response to being in a particular place at a particular time.  My work invites viewers to become more than spectators, by re-experiencing the feelings and sensations nature evokes. When exposure light and compositional elements are manipulated, it is to suggest and communicate the energetic forces that pulsate beneath the surface and connect all of life.  When I experience this energetic connection, a deep healing takes place, both physically and spiritually.  Not only do I reconnect with the external natural world, I also rediscover my authentic self as I reflect on what my vision reveals about my internal nature.

Exploring nature is a very meditative experience that helps me understand my place in the web of life.  Although existence and experiences are transitory, the photographic process transforms awareness by focusing attention on what is most significant and enduring.  Capturing moments of genuine connection through photographs makes it possible to preserve and to share these experiences with people who may not have access to pristine natural settings or have lost the ability to connect with the transformational power of nature in a technologically driven society. My images are made situating myself fully within the web of life, instead of standing outside and capturing a subject, and invite others to become more empathetic toward all life forms and to achieve greater understanding of their position in our ecosystem.  This way of being is the foundation of the cultural shift that is necessary to ensure the future viability of the planet.

Water has been important to me for my entire life, and as our rivers and waterways have become increasingly endangered it has become even more of a calling to document them through my photography.  In high school, I got excused from school frequently to go test waterways for changes following big rainstorms and discharges.  In college, I tracked dolphins and assisted in a project analyzing the aesthetic impact of pristine rivers. These days, I take my kayak or hike long distances into the environment to capture the photographs for my current exhibition at the South Florida Museum on Florida’s changing water and other environmental installations.

Lynne Buchanan

View resume here

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me at, or call me at (941) 350-4590..  Photographs are available in small sizes in open editions, and in larger sizes in very limited editions.

This entire site is copyright Lynne Buchanan 2011-Present.

All the photographs herein, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by the photographer.

No part of this site, or any of the content contained herein, may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the copyright holder (s).


Changing Waters: Human Impact on Florida’s Aquatic Systems; Photography by Lynne Buchanan,  South Florida Museum Bradenton, Florida, February 11–June 5, 2016

South Florida Museum, 201 20th St. W, Bradenton, FL 34205


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Pensacola Business Radio: 6-29-16 ECSD Job Fair and Escarosa Career Center July 8th



CareerSource Escarosa Logo


CareerSource Escarosa currently operates one Administrative Office and three Career Centers throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.

Pensacola Career Center

Escambia County

3670-A North L Street Pensacola, FL 32505

Phone: 850-607-8700

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Resource Room closes promptly at 4:15 p.m.

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Century Career Center

Escambia County

8120 North Century Blvd. Century, FL 32535

Phone: 850-256-6259

Hours of Operation:

Monday -Thursday 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Closed Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Milton Career Center

Santa Rosa County

5725 Highway 90 Milton, FL 32583

Phone: 850-983-5325

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Resource Room closes promptly at 4:15 p.m.

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Administrative Office

Escambia County

3670-B North L Street Pensacola, FL 32505

Phone: 850-473-0939

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Closed Saturday & Sunday

CareerSource Escarosa is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting the workforce needs of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. Classified as one of Florida’s 24 local Workforce Boards and a member of the CareerSource Florida Network, we provide employment and training resources for area job seekers and employers.

CareerSource Escarosa is led by a group of experienced professionals and a highly engaged Board of Directors.

Customers may access our no-cost programs and services by visiting any one of our three Career Center locations.

To learn more about a specific program or service, please visit the corresponding pages on the navigation bar above.

Elizabeth Oakes – Director of Personnel, Escambia County School District

Morgan Cole – PR for CareerSourceEscarosa —

Jim Branton – IT Department –ECSD

participants do not have to sign up ahead of time —
they should bring resumes and be ready to be interviewed on the spot —
Applicants will have to pass a background check (we work with or around
kids)  — we are a drug free workplace so they will be drug tested —
we are also a smoke-free organization so if they are offered  A FULL
TIME POSITION they have to pass a nicotine test

If they are applying to be a substitute — for example, Food Service
always needs to find substitute workers willing to be on call — they
do not have to pass the nicotine test – but they can’t use tobacco on
campus —-    CareerSource Escarosa has a smoking cessation program!!!
They could be hired part-time and work on quitting and then, when they
can pass the test, they can apply for a full time opening.



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Pensacola Business Radio: 6.23.16 Guests:Dana A. Oliver/ Senior Director of Research & Development at Medtronic



Dana A. Oliver is the Senior Director of Research & Development at Medtronic.

He has helped grow Medtronic’s Surgical Technologies ENT / NT division from $100 million to approximately $2 billion in annual revenues over fourteen years. With 30 years of experience and an impressive track record of revenue generation, Dana’s latest book Mantra Design is a must-read for every new product development professional aspiring to introduce premium priced, patent protected, market share leading products. 

In Mantra Design, Dana reveals the secrets for profitable and lasting innovation, including how to identify your customer’s unmet needs and how to expedite new product development. He provides an easy to understand methodology in the form of 14 quick, digestible mantras that highlight the power of true innovation.

“Innovation is the lifeblood of any company’s continued growth and future survival,” says Dana A. Oliver. “To this day, I continue to read, learn, and evolve my leadership and innovation philosophies; and I hope that this book is beneficial to the next generation of innovation professionals.”

Mantra Design emphasizes the importance of continued innovation to keep sales teams and customers excited about the products and loyal to the business where they invest their time and money, creating the cash flow vital to a company’s success.


About the Author:

Dana is a graduate of Northeastern University and ITT Technical Institute. He has approximately 30 years of experience in the field of medical devices, working for such companies as Medtronic, Genzyme, SIMS Level 1, Kirwan Surgical, and Strichman Medical. He has applied for over 30 patent applications and has been granted over 20 US patents to date.

Dana published his first business guide book “Mantra Leadership – Don’t Become the Emperor with No Clothes!” in January 2015. His second book Mantra Design – Innovate, Buy or Die! was published in October 2015.

Dana plans to become an independent Consultant and Educator in calendar year 2016 offering expertise in Innovation Leadership. He lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Linda and daughter “Lexi” Alexandra.

To learn more, please visit

For further information or to set up an interview with Dana, please contact Kelsey McBride at Book Publicity Services at or (805) 807-9027.



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Pensacola Business Radio-06.21.16-Guests: Sheri Hamilton/Hamilton Resources, Libby King/Pruvit, Drew Pemberton/The Residual Income Pros

contact us figure

Talent Acquisition

We will work with you to find the best person who will become an asset for your company. By putting together interview questions that will identify not only knowledge, skills and abilities we will also discover whether the candidate matches your mission, vision, values and culture.

We can also discuss best practices for recruiting, including placing ads, managing applications and your talent acquisition brand.

Interview training

This can be for either those already employed who are seeking to move to a different position or for those searching for a new job. Training included resume review, mock interviews and coaching on how to land a great new job! Learn more


The first impressions of your company, their manager and the rest of the team often lead to the successful retention of a new employee. We will customize and build an orientation for the employee and their job to help him or her understand their role, expectations and desired outcome.


Onboarding is a program designed for the employee’s first year. This program expands on the orientation to explain and expand on their role and expectations, and how they are vital to the company’s future success.

Employee Development

Either coinciding with onboarding or for current employees, employee development looks at the employee, their job duties and expectations, and then creates a individualized plan for their success and future growth.

Management Development

For both new and existing managers, this program will address common pitfalls and other employee concerns to produce a more cohesive and productive team.

Wellness programs

A holistic approach to having a healthy and happy company. We focus on not only the physical wellness, but also the emotional, mental, and financial health of everyone in the organization with a results oriented program.


Sometimes an employee is not in the right position, or even at the right company for their skills and abilities. Discover possible solutions for  transitioning the employee from their current role or from your business.




Libby King / Pruvit

Prüvit is not a product line. It’s not a program. It’s more than a company. Prüvit is a movement that is redefining human performance and moving past the status quo. We’ve set out to Prüvit in the spirit of ambition.


Prüvit Ventures, Inc. (Prüvit) was founded with a very simple philosophy. Make. People. Better. Based on this core belief, the company set out to tackle the supplement world by creating the world’s first consumer based ketone supplement drink. We are primarily focused on evidence based products that help optimize your human potential.

Prüvit is proud to be the worldwide leader in ketone technology. Prüvit is pioneering this new marketplace. With community as its focus and the power of social commerce, our philosophy is simple. We do not want to sell products; we want to inspire others to participate in this movement.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to



Drew Pemberton/The Residual Income Pros

Drew Pemberton is a young entrepreneur and specializes in internet marketing and public relations. For the past few years, he mentored under a group of high level entrepreneurs, speakers and mathematicians who conduct live seminars nationwide. Experiencing the many difficulties of traveling all over the country to teach live seminars, he began researching and executing various ways to help his mentors create revenue streams online.

Having had much success working for a few select clients, Drew eventually branched out as a freelancer in digital marketing. Over the last year, he has started his own company (The Residual Income Pros) and along the way Drew has assisted speakers, industry leaders, and business professionals develop new strategies to earn money online using their own unique education and skill sets.

 Even though we live in a world

that is stuck in a paycheck-to-paycheck mentality, I am devoted to helping others create residual income.

 Regardless of your current age, occupation, or 

education, I can help you develop some simple 

tools and techniques that can supplement your current income, or even provide you with a 

professional, primary income.

Is your income active or residual?

Most people focus on earning active/linear income, which is “one-shot” compensation or payment in the form of a fee, wage, commission or salary. This active income comes as a direct result of our efforts. 

 Although there are many people who get paid vast amounts of money to become the CEO of a company, play professional sports, or star in a movie, earning a high active income is not only uncommon, but often is a lot of hard work. It also requires a level dedication that is beyond most of us. Even if you have the dedication it takes, active income is limited because no matter how much money you get paid you still need to show up to work to earn your money. We are essentially trading our hours for dollars.

Residual income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done. This includes recurring income from online courses, webinars, podcasts, and online memberships. It would also include royalties from books, movies, or songs and income that comes from investments in real estate and other businesses where you don’t actually have to be present to earn it. 

Residual income comes from building an asset that continues to pay you after the work has been done. When you live by the rule of recurring monthly revenue, you are living by the Michael Jackson motto, “Record the work once, and get paid forever”. 

“The true key to financial stability and success is…residual income!”
                                 -John C. Maxwell









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Pensacola Business Radio: 06-22-16- Guests-Dan Verda/Panhandle Warrior Partnership



Guests-Dan Verda/Panhandle Warrior Partnership


Dan Verda is the Executive Director of the Panhandle Warrior Partnership. He is responsible for ensuring that PWP has the capacity to accomplish its mission and program goals, as well as build community awareness for the challenges faced by the local Veteran population.


A 25-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and naval aviator, Dan has flown multiple types of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft and has served in numerous leadership and command positions, to include command of a primary training squadron right here in the Panhandle’s own NAS Whiting Field.  He is an Iraq War Veteran and has also served in contingency operations in such places as Bosnia, Albania, Central Africa, Pakistan, East Timor, throughout the Middle East, and Haiti.


Dan retired as a Colonel in 2015 and decided to make Northwest Florida his home because it is a veteran-friendly place with hospitable people and a family-friendly attitude. Dan enjoys working with the local community and service organizations to create awareness, build support, and successfully provide much needed services for our veterans.


 Empower veterans.

 Our mission is to empower warriors of Northwest Florida through a holistic program of community collaboration designed to connect warriors and their families to the local community through benefits, services, education, jobs, and housing.





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Pensacola Business Radio: 06.21.16-Guests: Mike Hodges / PGI Certified Consultant, Shannon Addison/Rizing Inc./Breadcrumbz


 Mike Hodges / PGI Certified Consultant

Shannon Addison/Rizing Inc./Breadcrumbz


 About Shannon Addison

Shannon Addison is a “work-at-home” mom, military spouse, and mother of two amazing girls. Her mother (who was a teacher for 25 years) inspired her to create a product line that would positively impact the lives of children.

Her mom believed that everyone is given a voice to use for whatever purpose each person intends to pursue. The challenge, she said, was finding a way to use your voice for good. For Shannon, this is her voice.

 Shannon’s Philosophy

Raising girls has provided a lot of insight about what lessons are important during the most critical growth years. Today there are a lot of products on the market that promote self-esteem, but not many that really target self-acceptance.

Throughout this journey with each of the Breadcrumbz, girls are not only shown how to acknowledge who they are with their own shortcomings or flaws, but are guided through a process that suggests how to embrace them and to celebrate the difference they make in their lives.

“I believe that true beauty exists in those things that differentiate us from everyone else. Through the process of developing self-acceptance, we gain empowerment…using the strengths that make each of us unique.”

Shannon Addison





Based in Pensacola, Florida, Become Your Best offers valuable coaching and mentoring services. We help clients better their lives. We teach individuals how to set goals, build teams, manage time, and more. Clients also have the ability to participate in our development programs. Each of our programs is designed to change how people work and think. In the end, each individual will know how to reach different goals and be a better person.

Mr. Mike Hodges

Meet Our Owner

The founder of our company is Mike Hodges. Mike is a Thinking Into Results (TIR) consultant, who is affiliated with the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI). The TIR program has helped him combine his experience in contract administration, employee training, sales, and business administration with his passion for personal growth and development.

Mike uses the same tools used by Bob Proctor, an industry leader in personal development. These techniques assist clients with improving their performance in all aspects of life. He customizes his program to fit each client’s unique needs, so they can achieve the results they desire. Individuals will also be able to answer several key questions, such as

Why can’t I achieve my goals?
Why do I progress for short periods of time and then revert to my previous behaviors?
How can I meet and exceed my goals and make lasting, permanent, and positive changes in my life?

Past Careers

Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Frostburg State University and a Master’s degree in Management from Florida State University.  He has spent most of his professional career in the insurance sector in both the government and private sector. Mike has worked as a federal government contract specialist and program analyst, an agent for a private health and life insurance agency, and an office manager for an independent medical practice.

PGI was formed by Bob Proctor, a legendary leader in the personal development industry for over 50 years. Bob Proctor started PGI with his former student, Sandy Gallagher. PGI’s mission is to share the secrets of personal and business growth and development that Bob has showcased during his remarkable career. Mike is proud to be affiliated with PGI as a certified Thinking Into Results (TIR) consultant.

Seminars & Training SessionsLet Mike work with your employees or students. He is available for speaking engagements, seminars, and training sessions. He can work with clients individually or in groups. Contact us today to learn more about his services.

“I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the program when I started. My “logical” mind had a hard time accepting some of the concepts that Mike presented. But with his guidance (and a lot of patience) I came to understand that the concepts were perfectly logical. Mike was able to connect the “theory” of the PGI principles to real-world application, and in doing so, taught me that all the “logic” that I was holding on to so tightly was a result of several deeply ingrained paradigms that I had developed over the years. Mike has shown me how to free myself from the barriers that I have placed on my own potential, and that it’s actually possible to “re-program” my thinking in order to live a more successful life. This has been a remarkable discovery, and the implications impact every part of my life including work, relationships, and self-image. I will forever be grateful to Mike for walking me through this process, and I am convinced that every person can benefit from his mentorship!”

– Zac M. (Pensacola, Florida)


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Pensacola Business Radio-06.16.16-Guests: Chaya Hendrick/SmartMetric


 Founder, President & CEO – SmartMetric Inc.: Ms. Hendrick is the founder and technology inventor of SmartMetric, Inc. and has been a successful entrepreneur, business executive and technology inventor for 30 years.  Ms. Hendrick has established a proven track record of outstanding financial returns and successful product launches across a wide spectrum of business initiatives.  Ms. Hendrick secured key patents for the technology she invented, with key patents dating back to 1999.


Biometric Credit Card In Action


 SmartMetric brings the power of biometrics to the world of payments. 100% identity verification with secure transaction allows the consumer to safely purchase online or offline down the street.

 Useable at ATM machines the card has the added security of only being able to be used after you have activated it by using your fingerprint.

 Simply touching the cards built in fingerprint reader and if it is you the card will work.   For online transactons you have the ultimate secure “wallet”.

 Inside is stored your critical payment card information that is transmitted over the internet at the touch of your finger.

 To find out more how the SmartMetric biometric card can protect you and your payments please go to the product section.

SmartMetric, Inc. is a technology engineering, research and development company that has developed miniture electronic systems and software for use in the field of Biometric identification and validation for the payments industry as well as the Corporate and Government sectors.

SmartMetric, Inc. is registered in the State of Nevada. Although based in the United States, it has research and development centers in Argentina, Palo Alto and Tel-Aviv.

Hardware and software engineering is done internally giving SmartMetric the capability of delivering enterprise-class products that are unique and cutting edge.

Pensacola Business Radio-06.15.16-Top CEO Series Ep 2 -Sponsored By American Heritage Financial

Host- Sandra McGuire / AHF

Since our inception, AHF has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality insurance and financial planning firm.

American Heritage Financial was founded and based around two ideas. First, create a company that would be a career opportunity for Financial Professionals by having quality insurance companies and products available for their clients. Secondly, we work for our clients not the insurance companies. We base our decisions for products off of the conversations we have with each individual client we represent. We believe there is not a “one size fits all” with insurance products. You have to look at each client’s situation as a whole and base your financial strategy consistent with the client’s way of thinking, not your own.

AHF focuses on creating a financial strategy to get you to your retirement or through it without the worry of unexpected bills, running out of retirement income, or becoming a burden to your heirs. Our Financial Professionals are thoroughly trained in all aspects associated with retirement preparation. We have several Certified Financial Planners available to help create a retirement strategy specific to you and your goals. We look forward to working with you soon.

Insurance Representative of American United Life Insurance Company (AUL) and other insurance companies. American Heritage Financial is not an affiliate of AUL.

Not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or any governmental agency.



Established in January of 2010, Team MPI provides a diverse spectrum of services uniquely structured for both novice and elite multisport athletes. For personal coaching, Team MPI offers it’s MPI Coaching Plans, In-Person Performance Packagesand CUSTOMIZED Stand-Along Training Plans. Additional services include Swim Video Analysisand F.I.S.T. certified Bike Fitting. Finally, Team MPI has from its inception provided high quality and professional single and multi-day camps, clinics and event production allowing athletes to fully immerse themselves in skill, fitness and technique building in all three disciplines. Team MPI produces an adult racing series, Portofino Sunset Tri Series, and founded the highly successful Maritime DeLuna Du kid’s duathlon, the Jubilee kid’s triathlon, and the Sea Turtle Tri kid’s triathlon. Team MPI is comprised of high performance coaches located throughout the United States who coach athletes around the world.

John Murray of Team MPI



Chris Schulte, CEO of Everwell Specialty Pharmacy


The AMA Recognizes Compounding Pharmacies That Are PCAB Accredited

While all compounding pharmacies are required to meet the requirements set by their respective state boards of pharmacy. PCAB Accredited™ denotes a more stringent and comprehensive standard which serves as an assurance that our compounding pharmacy has been tested against the profession’s most rigorous standards.

PCAB criteria was established by a Standards Committee of compounding pharmacists and nationally-recognized experts in the compounding pharmacy profession.

To earn our designation as a PCAB Accredited™ compounding pharmacy, we completed an extensive application and submission process, documenting our education, training, licensures, policies and procedures.

Our documentation was reviewed by PCAB and then we underwent an extensive on-site inspection. Only when this stringent evaluation was completed and we were judged to have met all criteria, did the PCAB officially grant us the PCAB Seal of Accreditation.

We are honored to receive the PCAB Seal of Accreditation. We feel it confirms our commitment to providing safe, personalized solutions that meet the medical needs of our patients – and the needs of the healthcare providers in our community.

To learn more about PCAB Accreditation or to review our pharmacy’s Accreditation Report, visit or contact our pharmacy at (850) 473-9190.



Marie Brady Mott, JD, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

Trek Bicycle Store (Cycle Therapy of Florida, Inc. and Cycle Therapy of Mobile, Inc.

Trek Bicycle Store of  Mobile & Pensacola is a family-owned bicycle sales and service center located in Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida.

Trek Bicycle Store of Mobile & Pensacola aspires to provide excellent customer care and top-line bicycle TREK products, accessories, and repair service to anyone interested in enjoying riding a bicycle. With a location in Mobile, AL and Pensacola, Fl we are your source for Trek Bicycles on the gulf coast.

Not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or any governmental agency.

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Pensacola Business Radio: On the Air with LeaP Alumni – Ep 7

Doug Brown, Executive Director of Community Action Program Committee 
Theresa Cserup, Uwf and Junior League 
Doug Herrick, Owner of Sunfarm Energy and Coastal ICF

Leap Alumni

It has been said that a community’s vitality can be measured in part by the voluntary contributions of it’s leaders. The vision of Leadership Pensacola is a community filled with leaders who are well informed, committed and have the desire to inspire positive change in the Pensacola area.



 Community Action Program Pensacola

What is Community Action?Fifty years ago, under the leadership of President Lyndon B. Johnson, the U.S. Congress enacted the bill known as the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 in an effort that began under the watch of President John F. Kennedy before his assassination. Johnson took up and expanded these efforts to eradicate poverty, calling the move an unconditional war. In his State of the Union Address in 1964, Johnson declared,

“It will not be a short or easy struggle, no single weapon or strategy will suffice, but we shall not rest until that war is won.”

The variety of initiatives introduced as a result of the act included Head Start, Job Corps, Work-Study programs, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), and Neighborhood Youth Corps. One of the bill’s more radical components was the introduction of Community Action Agencies, as they prescribed direct involvement from individuals in low-income communities to address the needs of the poor. This action was a departure from how social reform programs were structured in the past.

Like its sister agencies across the state and nation, the Community Action Program Committee, Inc. (CAPC) in Pensacola, Florida, was born out of this concept. Although much has changed in the half century since Johnson’s declaration of the war on poverty, CAPC continues to serve the needs of individuals and families who are struggling and working to achieve self-sufficiency.

We will carry on CAPC’s legacy of service to the community by forging valuable connections to further our mission. Connections with other organizations in Northwest Florida are key to identifying individuals with unmet needs and to directing them to the best possible solutions. Strengthening connections within the agency is important as well. Working together, the CAPC staff can maximize each program’s effectiveness and efficiency in order to help those we serve.

CAPC has produced positive outcomes for many, but the fight must continue. And in the words of President Johnson, “we shall not rest.”

Linda Moultrie

Board Chair


Women building better communities. That’s the Junior League of Pensacola.

Since 1956, the Junior League has been the driving force behind the initiatives and institutions that make our community a greater place to live. The Junior League of Pensacola has more than 100 active and more than 300 sustaining members who make a positive impact on children and families in our community every day. Our volunteer projects put our members’ time and talents to work to better the lives of children and families in the Pensacola Bay Area. Our members are dedicated to voluntarism and making a difference in the lives of others. To read a detailed history of the Junior League of Pensacola, please click here.

Our Mission: The Junior League of Pensacola, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Our Vision: The Junior League of Pensacola, Inc. will commit its resources and trained volunteers to positively impact the needs of women, children and families in our community.

How does the Junior League of Pensacola make a difference in the community?
The Junior League of Pensacola supports a number of community projects and activities that focus on the needs of children and families in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. The League partners with various family-centered nonprofit agencies in the community in order to maximize our impact.

How do we fund these projects?
The Junior League of Pensacola is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which generates funds through public support. Our current annual fundraisers are:

  • Red Haute Royale – A fall social event with casino-style games, silent auction, prizes, heavy hors d’oeuvres, drink specials and entertainment.
  • Dish It Out — A spring-time tasting and shopping showcase for people who love to eat, cook and entertain.
  • Cookbook Sales – The Junior League of Pensacola has two signature cookbooks, the award-winning Some Like It South! and the beautiful coffee-table cookbook By Invitation Only-Artful Entertaining, Southern Style. The books are sold at the Junior League Office, online, and at various wonderful businesses around the community.
  • Endowment – A fund to help secure the future of the Junior League of Pensacola and our impact in the community. Once the fund reaches its goal, the interest will provide additional financial support for community projects and administration costs of the League.

Who is eligible for membership in the Junior League of Pensacola?
Junior League membership is open to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to voluntarism. In 1956, JULEP began with 37 founding members. JULEP members come from all walks of life – corporate executives, business owners, teachers, students, attorneys, physicians and stay-at-home moms. But all members have one thing in common…a heart for building a better community.

To inquire about membership or for general questions about the Junior League,
call 850.433.4421 or email 




SunFarm Energy is a licensed, certified solar contractor dedicated to providing our customers with Turn-Key solar solutions. Headquartered in Pensacola, Florida, SunFarm Energy is dedicated to quality service and achieves this through our gifted team of Installers, Service Technicians, Project Managers, Sales Staff, System Designers, and Company Management.  As a leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor for Commercial, Residential, and Large-Scale clients, we deliver solar solutions that will reduce or eliminate energy costs, create an attractive economic return, and leave our clients feeling satisfied.



1312 East Cervantes Street
Pensacola, Florida 32501


Phone: (850) 472-0341


About Us

Experience, Technical Knowledge, Professionalism, & Safety

Over the last seven years our company, Coastal ICF, has completed over 80 ICF wall system projects and performed close to 200 concrete wall pours in the Pensacola area. These projects encompass a wide variety of building types, shapes and sizes, each having unique characteristics that represent the many different uses of ICF forms.

We have experience building basements, safe-rooms, and ICF’s built on a wide variety of foundation types which include slab on grade, monolithic, off-grade slabs or “stem-wall”, and elevated slabs on pilings.

We are able to use innovative engineering techniques to push beyond the limitations of wood frame, steel, and concrete block construction.

We began operations building custom ICF homes from the ground up or “turn-key”, but now we specialize in building ICF walls or the entire envelope or “shell” (foundation, ICF walls, and framing). This approach streamlines the construction process by using a single professional subcontractor to complete the three critical structural phases of construction and provides more effective coordination between owners, architects, engineers, builders, subcontractors, and construction officials thus reducing construction time and minimizing potential problems. Time saved is measured in dollars to the customer.

Our mission is to provide the customer with the highest quality service possible for the best value. Our crews are experienced, professional, punctual, and friendly. We promise to keep your jobsite clean and provide you with quality work. Please do not hire an inexperienced ICF installer! After the concrete is poured and hardened mistakes are very expensive to correct.  You will not save money in the long run. Also, be aware of out of town subs who typically have poor knowledge of our local codes and insurance requirements.

Our president, Douglas Herrick, is a State Certified Building Contractor with over 10 years experience in the construction industry. He holds an Architecture degree from the University of Colorado and sits on the board of directors of the Northwest Florida Home Builders Association. He is also a member in good standing of the ICFA (Insulating Concrete Form Association) and the ACI (American Concrete Institute). Doug developed his philosophy for hard work, professionalism, and attention to detail while serving as a Naval Aviator with the United States Navy. After his tour was up, Doug apprenticed with a commercial builder, and after obtaining his builder’s license, started his own construction business in 1997.

It is our personal commitment to provide a safe work environment. Not only does this ensure the safety of our workers, it ensures continued productivity, and ultimately protects the consumer.

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the option of using Coastal ICF to help you build your new home or office out of ICF. I will review your plans and make an assessment of adaptability to our system and the potential construction costs. I look forward to your call.

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