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Pensacola Business Radio – YEA Radio Show with Host Thomas Booker – Ep. 2


Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Middle and high-school students in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties have the unique opportunity to start and launch their own REAL businesses or social movements by participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), a program co-sponsored by the Greater Pensacola Chamber and Global Business Solutions, Inc. Applications for the 2015-2016 academic school year are now open. Apply Here.


YEA! Pensacola – Young Entrepreneurs Academy 2015

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a ground-breaking program that takes students through the process of starting and running real businesses over the course of a full academic year.

YEA! students, as a class, visit area businesses, meet succ entrepreneurs, meet with professionals (attorneys, accountants, bankers, graphic designers, web developers, insurance providers, etc.), develop a business or social movement idea and plan, and work with mentors.

Students then pitch their ideas to a panel of investors made up of local business and community leaders with real dollars at stake to obtain funding, and then launch their venture. By the end of the class, students own and operate fully functioning businesses.




Thomas Booker / Host
YEA – Radio Show
Thomas Booker / Your Just Desserts by Thomas

We provide fresh, made-from-scratch desserts that fulfills anyone’s sweet tooth.

Call: 919-288-9024 or email


Dezmond Baldwin-Marlow / RedHawk Computer Company

Owner & CEO

RedHawk Computer Company
 Remote Services
 Business Regulations
Business Relations

Information Technology Assistant

Escambia County Schools

December 2014 – Present (1 year 2 months)Pensacola, Florida

 RedHawk Computer Company provides computer services including remote management, virus removal, and computer repair. RedHawk also offers scheduled computer maintainence as well as in-home technology services.

WEB   LinkedIN  Twitter   FaceBook



Hylton Matthew Davis /Owner of HD Vizuals and Marketing Director of Xswizit Clothing company


Contact Info




We believe Young Entrepreneurs are the future of our economy.  Pensacola Business Radio is absolutely committed to supporting these future leaders — and with just a little help from you, we can provide them with the same robust, full-scale “in-studio” Radio Show platform we make available to our Corporate clients, sponsors, and underwriters.

The Business RadioX ® Network has agreed to match Dollar for Dollar all funds raised from this campaign, provided . . .

  • We apply all funds to supporting Young Entrepreneurs in our community
  • We raise a minimum of $2,500 from our own community

What We Need & Want

  • What we WANT is $20,000 — which will fund Young Entrepreneur Radio for a full year.  To pull that off, we need to raise $10,000 (BRX Corporate will match that dollar for dollar to meet our $20k objective).
  • What we NEED is at least $2,500 so we qualify for the matching funds.

If we raise less than $2,500 . . . Every penny will still go to providing some version of Young Entrepreneur Radio.  It just means a much more modest program — like a monthly series vs. weekly show, and less budget for Remote Broadcasts, Radio Camp, Awards, and Scholarships.

Pensacola Business Radio – 01.28.16 Guests: Ann Novakowski / Director of Women Who Code, Kendrick Hobbs / Boneheads Restaurant


Ann Novakowski / Director
Women Who Code

Web   LinkedIN   Twitter    FaceBook    DeBugging the Gender Gap

Ann Novakowski is a project manager, web designer, and marketer. She has taught workshops on effective email communication and development, HTML/CSS for beginners, and social media marketing for small business and non-profits. When not working at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship coworking lab, she can be found studying for full-stack development certification or at local tech and women’s empowerment groups such as Free Code Camp and the Junior League of Pensacola.

Event Info

Please join us for an exclusive, one night only screening of ‘CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap’.
CODE exposes the dearth of female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap and digital divide. The film highlights breakthrough efforts that are producing more diverse programmers and shows how this critical gap can be closed.
Check out the reviews here –
Kendrick Hobbs / Owner

Expert Grill Masters

Your Grill Destination

If you are craving  grilled cuisine, turn to Boneheads in Pensacola, FL. At Boneheads we like to say adventure is the spice of life. We also like to say if you’ve perfected the spice of life, why fry it? Our grill masters use fresh, hand selected ingredients to ensure high quality food.  Grilled tacos, grilled chicken, grilled seafood, and grilled burgers are only some of the timeless grilled favorites we serve. Our grill house offers a wide array of delectable options and we guarantee that you’ll love whatever you pick.

Click here to download Boneheads Catering Menu

Click here to download Boneheads Menu

Pensacola Business Radio 01.27.16 Guests: Escambia County School District and George Stone Technical Center



Dr. Michelle Taylor / Director of Workforce Education
Escambia County School District


Dr. Michelle L. Taylor

Goals of Superintendent Thomas:

1.) Collaborative servant leadership by example

2.) Service and support for the Escambia School District through the following actions:

·         Provide, promote and support environments that result in world class 21st Century learning.

·         Secure and develop resources (incl. human, fiscal and informational) that support and promote the district’s mission.

·         Develop and maintain an organization based on trust, teamwork, communication, commitment, and competence.

·         Optimize students’, parents’, and other stakeholders’ pride and satisfaction with public education.

District Vision

     Create a school District where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, teachers want to teach and employees want to work.



T.J. Rollins / Principal
George Stone Technical Center

George Stone Technical Center

Our goal is to serve the community as the premier provider of career and technical education by preparing individuals for rewarding careers and to provide businesses with a highly skilled workforce.  We strive to obtain that goal by providing quality academic, career, and technical education opportunities for all learners through instruction that integrates rigor, relevance, and relationships. 

George Stone Technical Center partners with local businesses and industries to ensure that our training programs are preparing students for high skill, high wage, and high demand occupations.  Our graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and work habits necessary to successfully enter the workforce. 

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I wish you much success as you pursue your training and career goals at George Stone Technical Center.  


Thomas J. Rollins



The campus of George Stone Career Center is located at 2400 Longleaf Drive, Pensacola, Florida. This site is two miles south of Interstate 1-10, Exit mile 7. Accessibility is achieved through several south, east, and west connections to Longleaf Drive. Accessibility has been further enhanced with the linking of Blue Angel Parkway and Longleaf Drive.

George Stone Technical Center (GSTC) was built in four phases between 1968 and 2003 on 37 acres of land, which is part of a parcel belonging to the Escambia County School District. This parcel houses two neighboring schools: Longleaf Elementary and Pine Forest High School. Additionally, the George Stone Technical Center shares the facilities and the campus with West Florida High School of Advanced Technology.

The George Stone complex consists of 26 buildings with over 300,000 square feet of classrooms, laboratories, greenhouses, and mechanical and storage

Pensacola Business Radio: 1.28.16 – Guests: Curtis Cantrell / CEO of SouthTel – Voice and Data




We offer the latest in leading edge technology the telecommunications industry has to offer from IP, VOIP and hosted telephone systems, voice and data networking, local line service with unlimited local and long distance calling, and surveillance hardware. Our over 32 year track record demonstrates our commitment to our customers and our expertise in the communications industry. We have the solutions to fit your business.

This is a very complicated and confusing time in the communications industry.

The decision of what equipment to choose and the company with which to partner is a high priority matter, especially when those decisions have a direct impact on the success of your business. This is why we believe a relationship with Southeastern Telephone can be such a valuable asset to your company.
Our over thirty two year track record is an indication that we know the industry, service what we sell, and provide products that stand the test of time. Our experience in all facets of communications ensures a smooth and uneventful installation or service that will allow you to stay focused on your business and not the telecommunications business. At a time when many companies are treating telecom products and services as a commodity, we can only say that logically mission critical voice and data systems don’t fall into that category.

Pensacola Business Radio – 1-26-16 Guests: Sarah May / Springdale Travel, Michael Stubblefield / Bioclenze Water Health Solutions


Sarah May / SpringDale Travel
Business Development Manager


Mission Statement

Springdale Travel creates opportunities for citizens of the world to make the most of their time and experience the world face-to-face in any way they choose.

We strive to promote life-enriching experiences and secure the joy of travel for our clients and for all those who venture to leave home.

Why is a travel agent important to you?

In an age where the internet provides us incredible resources, it is still a challenge to ensure your vacation is properly planned and best meets your needs. Too much information on the web is self-serving and biased, too price driven, and one person’s opinion may or may not reflect a general standard. There is already much controversy about how much a consumer can trust what they read on the web.

Discerning travelers rely on a travel expert to ensure they make the travel plans that truly fits best and that they receive the best value for their money.

It’s not about spending less on a vacation, but spending wisely for an experience one wants.

We’ll make sure your vacation is fantastic — not because it’s the cheapest one, but because it best meets your needs and desires. In this respect, you receive the best value. But we don’t want you to have to take our word for it, just read some comments from our raving fans!

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

We work hard to earn your trust and loyalty. We hope you’ll also find that to be the case as our vacation planners look forward to handling your travel arrangements.

Service Fees

If you are interested in knowing exactly what we charge for which services, please feel free to take a look.

We always do our very best to quote your trip at the very best value for you, but , if you have ever find another rate online that appears to be or is lower than something your Springdale Travel agent has quoted you, please let your agent know. We can often explain what isn’t being shown, or, if the rate really is different for the same trip, we can often price match with our suppliers.



Michael Stubblefield / Executive Director


Bioclenze s a water filtration technology and healthcare consulting company specializing in water purification and infection control solutions.

BioClenze Water Health Solutions is a water filtration technology and healthcare consulting company specializing in water purification and infection control practices. The purpose is to reduce the amount of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) through the use of innovative under-mount water filtration units specifically designed for hospital use which reduce hazardous material from the water before they can contact hands, patients and patient’s wounds. This coupled with our superior hand washing techniques and other water filtration solutions for drinking, bathing and wound are are all aimed to improve quality of patient care while reducing a hospital’s uncompensated costs due to readmission and unmet quality measures.

844-259-3243 or visit them on the web

Pensacola Business Radio- Women in Leadership Ep. 1 – Guests: Kolleen Chesley / Founder of PWGC, Kim Hannan / Talent Acquisition Manager for Chick-fil-A, Amie Remington / Legal Counsel for Landrum Companies, Barbara Barber / Owner of East Hill Academy

Women In Leadership Sharing the Uncommon Commons


Kolleen Chesley – Founder & Co-Director
Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast

Founded after Hurricane Ivan, Women’s Business Lunch (WBL) was organized by Kathleen Shoop, Natasha Parvey, and Kolleen Edwards Chesley to provide a venue for women in business to come and share ideas, information, networking contacts, etc to help each other be more successful in business.

In the Fall of 2013, the WBL reorganized and took on the name “Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast” and are a recognized not-for-profit organization.

Meeting information — Like clockwork, we meet for PWGC-Pensacola always on the 1st Friday of every month, always from 11:30-1:00pm, always at theGulf Coast Kid’s House on 12th Avenue. We also have PWGC-Gulf Breeze, always on the 3rd Friday of every month, always from 11:30-1:00pm, always at the Hampton Inn and Suites, Gulf Breeze. There is no charge to attend our meetings. They are WOMEN ONLY events, so feel free to grab a couple of girlfriends to bring with you and help share the WBL experience!





Kim Hannan

Kim is both a visual artist and a corporate team-building consultant with a specialty in staffing and personnel strategies.  With over 30 years of team building experience in both the corporate and volunteer worlds, she embraces and teaches the value of communicating a clear message of goals and culture to a team, then leading from a servant-leader position…always seeking to facilitate the achievement of team initiatives.  Kim believes that clear communication and staffing your team with the RIGHT individuals are the primary keys to achieving success.
Kim and her husband both work from the Pensacola area and support the music ministry in their church, as well as various community efforts.  Kim is the Art Director for the PWGC Magazine providing the photography and layout services for this publication as well as being a strategist on the editorial staff

Kim has a unique combination of creative and administrative skills. Born a creative yet primarily employed as an administrator, Kim has learned to use her creative skills and admin skills to enhance one another.


To see some of Kim’s work, please visit





Amie Remington / Landrum Companies
Legal Counsel


Amie Remington is the General Counsel of Landrum Human Resource Companies, Inc., which consists of Landrum Companies, Inc., Landrum Professional Employer Services, Inc., Landrum Consulting, and Landrum Staffing Services.  Combined, these companies serve over 600 clients and 10,000 employees.  

As General Counsel, Amie advises the Landrum companies on all business and employment-related legal issues.  She is also a regular speaker at national and state-wide events, discussing all aspects of employment law that affect all employers, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the National Labor Relations Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the state counterparts to these laws.

Amie graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from the Honors Program of Florida State University in 1991 and with honors from Florida State University College of Law in 1997.

Before joining Landrum, Amie was a partner in the law firm of Bozeman, Jenkins & Matthews, P.A., where she represented employers, management and the State of Florida in all types of employment-related matters.  At the firm, Amie focused on policy creation, prevention of discrimination and harassment and management education and training, as well as all aspects of employment litigation, including trial and appeal work.

Amie serves on the National Association of Professional Employer Organization’s Legal Advisory Committee (past Chairperson) and on the Florida Association of Professional Employer Organization’s Board of Directors, where she is an officer.  She has published many articles in the PEO Insider magazine and in NAPEO’s Legal Updates and Legal Insights.

For more than a dozen years, Amie has served as the Chancellor of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church and regularly provides pro bono legal services to churches, schools and childcare centers throughout the Dioceses of the Central Gulf Coast.




Barbara Barber / East Hill Academy

– Owner of East Hill Academy, a school that focuses on educating children grades 1-12 with autism and other related disorders. Barbara is a successful business owner that has grown her business to a location in Pensacola, Milton and opening a Century location this year. East Hill Academy was awarded an IMPACT grant last year to expand their Pensacola location to accommodate even more students and they continue to operate with a waiting list of students wanting to get into their schools.

East Hill Academy is a private non-profit school that provides educational services (grades 1-12) to children with Autism and related learning disabilities. East Hill Academy was created in 2002 in order to develop the academic potential of children with Autism and to help them improve their social and emotional abilities.

The teaching philosophy of EHA is based on the belief that education should be designed to encourage each student’s unique potential and character. The learning experience should be structured, supportive and participatory. The school environment should be a dynamic and nurturing place of learning, where respect is a part of the educational process.

To help each student achieve this, the instructional staff at East Hill Academy creates an atmosphere where individual effort is valued and students learn to be accountable while they work and grow. Our team of teacher’s is familiar with a broad range of learning challenges and abilities, with a sensitivity to each student’s unique needs.

In an effort to meet the challenging needs of our students, EHA uses a diverse instructional curriculum utilizing computer technology in the classroom. Using technology is an effective method of improving a students academic motivation, attitude, interest and performance. EHA’s goals are to continually seek new ways of teaching and improving curriculum so that we may advance all our students.

Pensacola Business Radio – FoodieLIFE episode 4 – 01.24.16 – Sponsored by Big Rhino Screen Printing





Foodie Life is a Culture Brand who’s mission is  “To Seek the Flavor of Life through Food, Culture and the Human Experience.”

Foodie Life people—lovers of flavor, food, adventure, culture, night life, travel and —are a true community of their own. Our first move was to tap into the strength of that community by telling Foodie Life stories and uniting them around a lifestyle. Next, we are building the ecommerce program, launching with a fresh Foodie Life website design and a strategic email marketing plan to fuel online shopping. Introducing visuals and messaging giving the brand an edge that matches the energy of Foodie Life.

Foodie Life Radio Hour is a platform for Fellow Foodies to share some of their passions and experiences in the Hospitality and Culinary arena. A collection of funny stories, cultures, flavor and human experiences!!!




Chef Joe Abston, owner of Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen & Taproom and The Tin Cow, oversees the culinary direction of Pot Roast & Pinot and Edible Invaders. A Pensacola Tate High School graduate homegrown chef learned the right way. Chef Abston started his culinary training at PJC before graduating from the culinary elite Johnson and Wales University, building the foundation for his epicurean adventure.  Humbly Joe applied his education working around the world diversifying his culinary portfolio in such great places as the Ritz-Carlton and Le Bec Fin. Starting in 2008 Joe focused his energies in the downtown Pensacola area – a then small foodie scene. One of the earlier downtown revitalization pioneers, Joe was pivotal on the growth of the downtown area, and continues to further the downtown scene advocating for Gallery Night and chairing the up & coming Palafox Wine Walk. Chef Abston isn’t done yet with more exciting concepts early in the planning stages.


HOPJACKS      TINCOW        POTROAST & PINOT             TWITTER            FACEBOOK             EDIBLE INVADERS



Patrick Bolster / Union Public House

The Union Public House is a crafty southern pub where it all comes together.  Excellent food and drinks combined with unparalleled customer service is our mission.  Fresh and creative ingredients will be paired with fresh and creative ideas.  Exceptional food, superb drinks, and stellar service will be the norm.

UPH will provide a friendly, clean, and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy with family, friends, and even strangers.  Each customer and employee will be treated with dignity and respect.  We will work to improve our community and to give back in ways that will have a lasting impact.

We are confident that UPH will not be just another pub.  It will be the one that others strive to emulate.  With our attention to detail combined with our commitment to the community, UPH will be a Pensacola tradition for years to come.

  • 309 S Reus St, Pensacola, Florida 32502
  • Start Date
    Founded in 2015
  • Hours
    10:30 am – 12:00 am
    10:30 am – 1:00 am
  • Short Description
    The Union Public House is a Crafty, Southern Pub serving downtown Pensacola a relaxed atmosphere and high-quality food & drink menu.
  • Cuisine
    American (New), American (Traditional), British, Burgers, Cajun/Creole, Sandwiches, Seafood and Soul Food
  • Parking
    Street and Parking Lot
  • Attire
  • Payment Methods
    Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Cash
  • Services
    Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Groups, Catering, Waiter Service and Outdoor Seating
  • Specialties
    Lunch, Dinner and Drinks
  • Phone
    +1 850-607-6320




Pensacola’s Custom Screen Printer

We’ve been custom screen printing and providing embroidery services in Pensacola, Florida since 1992.

Businesses, organizations, and individuals nationwide have trusted Big Rhino to provide their custom printing, custom embroidery, and design needs. No project is too large or too small, we get it done.

Our humble beginnings as a screen printer out of an old barbershop in Downtown Pensacola, eventually evolved into what is now known as Big Rhino Screen Printing and Embroidery. This transformation placed us in the position of leading the charge for better screen printing, not only in Pensacola, but throughout the United States.

Twenty (20+) plus years of knowledge and experience in the screen printing and embroidery industries goes into each and every project we finish. You can count on this knowledge and experience for your next project.

Pensacola Business Radio – 1-20-16 Guests: Kevin Green / The Butcher Shoppe, Angela C. Barberi / Escambia County School Board Fine Arts


Kevin Green / The Butcher Shoppe

The Butcher Shoppe is family owned and sells Pensacola’s finest meats for less! Prime, Certified Angus and Choice Beef, Pork and the best Chicken you can buy! Specialty items include Elk, Bison, Venison, Alligator, Rabbit and MUCH MORE !!!

  • 8190 W Fairfield Dr, Pensacola, Florida 32506
  • Start Date
    Opened on April 20, 2007
  • Hours
    8:00 am – 7:00 pm
    9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Price Range
  • Parking
    Parking Lot
  • Phone
    +1 850-458-8781



Angela Barberi / Fine Arts Director

The instrument drive is being coordinated through the Pensacola Bay Center and runs from January 21 – 28th. New or gently used instruments are to be taken to the Rodizio Grill Box Office at the Bay Center (Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Anyone donating an instrument will receive 2 free tickets (valid for pre-selected seat locations on a first come-first served basis).

Education through the ARTS may be especially important not so much for
turning out artists and musicians or Arts products, as for turning out
better people.”
-Abraham Maslow

“The Arts are an essential element of education, just like reading,
writing, and arithmetic*music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys
that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.”
~William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Education

Angela C. Barberi
Fine Arts Specialist
J.E. Hall Center
30 E. Texar Drive
Pensacola, Florida 32503
Office Phone: (850) 469-5311
Office Fax: (850) 469-5584


Pensacola Business Radio – Gulf Coast Kids House – Chocolate Fest



Stacey Kostevicki / Executive Director (850) 595-5780

Megan Chapman / Marketing (850) 595-5783


13th Annual Chocolate Fest Seeking Sponsors and Chocolatiers

(January 12, 2016 – Pensacola, Fla.) – The 13th annual Chocolate Fest Presented by Sandy Sansing Dealerships is seeking financial sponsors and skilled chocolatiers! Chocolate Fest will be held at Cordova Mall on Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 12-3pm. All proceeds benefit Gulf Coast Kid’s House, a not-for-profit child advocacy group that provides abused children and their families with a safe place to receive vital medical exams, trauma counseling, and case investigation.

This annual event builds awareness and supports GCKH in its fight against child abuse. Last year over 20 restaurants and 1,000 people supported Chocolate Fest.  Pensacola Beach Hilton’s H2O and Woodham Café Chocolatiers won the People’s Choice Award in 2015.

Sponsorship levels range from $250 to $5,000 and offer a great opportunity to showcase your business at the “Sponsors’ Table.”  Sponsors will be included on all press and promotional materials and will be featured in GCKH social media in addition to website links on

To participate in the 2016 Chocolate Fest as a restaurant and/or chocolatier, please submit a participation form to GCKH. Then, bring 1,200 of your bite-sized chocolate samples, marketing materials, and 1-2 staff members who can promote your restaurant or business at the Chocolate Fest. You may win the coveted 2016 People’s Choice Award!

Please visit for more information and to download the participation form or sponsorship agreement, or call (850) 595-5780. Completed forms can be faxed to (850) 595-5782.


Helping Families In Pensacola And Escambia County

Gulf Coast Kid’s House is a children’s advocacy center serving Escambia County. As a children’s advocacy center, we combine all of the professionals and resources needed for the intervention, investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases under one child-friendly facility. Child victims and their families also receive mental health counseling at our center. The goal of Gulf Coast Kid’s House is to form a more collaborative response to child abuse cases so that we can improve case outcomes and minimize trauma to the children and families we serve.

Our Vision:

The vision of Gulf Coast Kid’s House is to provide a place where child protective services, law enforcement, prosecution, medical and mental health professionals’ work together under one roof to provide comprehensive services.

Our Mission:

Facilitate the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse and neglect and promote child abuse prevention awareness through community education.

Our Goals:

Pensacola Business Radio – 01.19.16 – Guests: Robin Reschard / Robert Robino Productions, Scott Keller and Peter Ralston / UWF Supply Chain Logistics

20160119_095958 (1)


Peter Ralston / Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Logistics Management
University of West Florida

Scott Keller / Professor of Supply Chain Logistics Management
University of West Florida

Peter Ralston is an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Logistics Management at the University of West Florida.  Peter graduated with his Ph.D. in supply chain management from Iowa State University in 2014.  Before earning his Ph.D., Peter spent a number of years in industry.  Specifically he worked as a customer liaison for a large beauty and fragrance manufacturer.  After that, he spent three years running a distribution center in Chicago, IL for a large office products wholesaler.  

Scott Keller is the John C. Pace Distinguished Business Professor and Professor of Supply Chain Logistics Management at the University of West Florida.   He received his Ph.D. in Logistics and Marketing from the University of Arkansas and has been on the logistics faculty at Penn State and Michigan State.  Dr. Keller began the supply chain logistics management program at UWF 11 years ago that focuses on linking students with industry professionals to launch successful careers in supply chain logistics management.  UWF’s formally launched a standalone BSBA in Supply Chain Logistics this past fall.  Dr. Keller coaches UWF student logistics teams that have consistently rank at the highest level in national competitions against the country’s top logistics programs; placing 1st and 2nd multiple times.  Dr. Keller’s research interests include personnel performance and the development of a customer oriented culture within logistics operations.  Along with his brother, Dr. Keller co-authored the book, The Definitive Guide to Warehousing.  He has been ranked among the top 3% of all time published researchers in the leading logistics journals. He is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Business Logistics.  His managerial experience is in motor carrier operations, large scale public and contract warehousing in Memphis, and ocean freight marine terminal operations in Long Beach, California.




20160119_101617 (1)


Robin Reschard / Robert Robino Productions

In a world where fitting in is comfortable and common, Robin Reshard challenges people to conform only their own uniqueness in order to live and share their uniqueness with passion. And she’s very funny.”

Robin Reshard is an engaging interviewer, public speaker and community educator.  As the creative force for Robert Robino Productions, she strives to bring relevant issues to light through educational, entertaining and enlightening media and community projects.  Putting her passion for reading and writing into action, she has authored The Little Book of ‘Fro-isms: A Guide for Your Journey to Finding Your Uniqueness, the upcoming children’s book Marty Goes to the Library, the motivational CDs – Find Your ‘Fro™ and The Fifth Key to Purpose and Passion, and has contributed numerous articles to other books and newspapers.  A former host of a PBS community and public affairs television show, she enlightened the public by asking the insightful and tough questions.

Robin is objectively persuasive, seriously humorous, and authentically diverse, comfortably connecting with diverse crowds at all corporate and community levels.  Her audiences feel that she is interested and interesting and appreciates her passion and expertise.  Whether its leadership, collaboration, strategy, coalition-building, or myriad communtiy issues (economic development, parity, diversity), Robin ensures the subject matter is well thought out, inclusive and open. She gleams research from a wide spectrum with a sole focus: connecting people with people,  ideas and informations.

Her over thirty years of professional and community work have provided effective change and challenge in the boardroom, classroom, and community.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University and has received many service, teaching, and volunteer awards. Robin and her husband, Lloyd, have three beautiful, smart adult children.