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Pensacola Business Radio: Kati Galli, Interviews Entrepreneur and Strategic Sensei Keith Hoffert and gets the digs on just how far this rabbit hole goes!



Hoffert is a leader in the business community in Pensacola with Catalyst Group, International. Amplifying the voice of business and creating his legacy. Currently working on the his Core brand, FoodieLife, Grub On TV, public speaking events, radio, streaming television shows and BRX Studios-Pensacola. Delivering experiential media, events, branding and revenue generation. Working directly with local clients, sales managers, sales consultants, marketing, research, sales services and other branding related entities across the South East United States and London, England. Working with multiple formats of media across all types of industry and commerce. Keith’s clients and customers are successful with his integration of a digital media product portfolio into their integrated marketing campaigns to ensure maximum ROI, branding, business and legacy success. Serving a wide variety of client types (tech, startups, events,automotive, airport, tourism, food & beverage, governmental) with account management needs, project planning, strategy development and implementation, sponsorship development, technology and new media objectives, photography services and video production services.
Hoffert’s recognized talents acquired through his degrees in culinary arts, economics and social science put him on an incredible platform as one of Tallahassee’s young executive chefs and entrepreneurs. At the young age of 19 years old Chef Hoffert was a sought after chef and strategic sensei, serving celebrities, athletes, governors and international dignitaries. The establishments he has worked with have helped set the par for 5 star cuisines and brand execution in the areas of wine, food & gourmet markets. Today restaurateurs, food to go markets, specialty wine shops & catering facilities are succeeding on the plateau that Chef Hoffert created. Now Hoffert is successfully applying his strategies and tactical executions to multifaceted world of Business and Entrepreneurs.



Check out Keith Hoffert’s latest , Here__: One Entrepreneur’s Take on _Check out Keith Hoffert online:

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Pensacola Business Radio: Live Florida Gov Con Summit Coverage from Tampa Fl. w/ Solvability and Jenny Clark

Below are a collection of episodes from the live broadcast at the summit as well as what the summit was about with links on how you can get involved with the next one!!






John Marrow/Machine Intelligence, Jeffery Young / Marjau Systems, Robert Shantanoff,CPA


Dell Rabinowitz


Kristy Nevils / Federal Business Coach, Darreli Andre Deloatch / FHMLLC Acquisition Managment


Roderick Duke / Qualis, Dr. Sherilyne E.  Dougherty / DAI Solutions


Steve Natschke / PM Pundit, llc, Gary Lo Duca, CFR, CHFC / Thoughtful Tax Advisors


Wayne Leland nperspective


Samantha Weaver


Final Episode-Wrap Up – Keith Hoffert, Jenny Clark, Pete Blum








  • Host representatives from NASA, PEO-STRI, SOCOM and Prime Contractors, to discuss improving your readiness to become a prime contractor.
  • Close the gaps between subs and primes, and find ways to leverage technology trends such as  Machine Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Sensors, Manufacturing, Cyber-Security and Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Address growth issues expert panels to discuss joint ventures, business valuation, pricing and compliance strategies, contracting and HR issues, and the cybersecurity elements that cross all areas.
  • Include a Veteran Connections session to improve collaboration among the veteran transition and entrepreneurship communities.
  • Engage leaders like Sid Fuchs of MacAulay-Brown to share his thoughts on building strategic relationships and Jeff Piersall of i4 Business and Space Coast magazines to discuss how collaboration and partnerships drive growth across Florida.

The Florida GovCon Summit provides the opportunity to bring all these topics together in a two-day event on Wednesday and Thursday, March 29-30, 2017 at the DoubleTree Westshore, Tampa.

The 2017 Florida GovCon Summit will be collaborative and interactive. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with peers, primes, and federal agencies at this premier teaming event!

We Have Jam Packed Days of
Current Topics and Amazing Presenters…


Wednesday, March 29

9:00am Panel: Technology Trends

We’re bringing together subject matter experts in machine intelligence, virtual reality, sensors, space, autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, and software to discuss opportunities and overlaps for federal and commercial markets, and how your company can participate. This panel will feature overview and breakout sessions with the speakers for a more intimate environment.

With John Morrow of Morrow Consultants, Sean Carey of HD Interactive, Michael Ferris of Abacode, John Lambert of Nexutech, Julio Morris of BRIDG, and Jeff Young of Marjau Systems

10:45am Panel: Taking Care of Your Team

With potential changes in the Affordable Care Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and other federal regulations, you could have risks you don’t even know about related to your 401K plan, benefits packages and employment law.   It’s so hard to find qualified employees, and it can be even harder to keep them, and to achieve results for both employees and the organization.  Learn how it all begins with the recruiting and onboarding process, and continues with mentoring and other programs including veteran employment. This panel will feature overview sessions with the speakers for a more intimate environment.

With Michael Valdez of Synergy Wealth Alliance, Mike DeVaux of Keystone Benefits Group, Sheryl Hunter of Hunter Business Law, Carmen Scanlon of Insperity, and Marnice Miller of HCRC

12pm Keynote & Lunch with Jeff Piersall

Jeff Piersall, CEO of SCB Marketing, and author of Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars, shares how to create partnerships and trust to develop a vibrant, collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem.  SCB publishes i4Business Magazine and SpaceCoast Business Magazine.

1pm Panel: Target to Execute

Figuring out your strategy, determining what to go after and developing a process to manage your pipeline is critical to success in federal contracting.  This panel includes business development, capture and proposal management strategies to help you win more federal contracts.  Panel also includes experts in contract management and security clearance topics.

With Kevin Lancaster of Winvale, Darrell DeLoatch of FHM LLC and David Touchton of Forensic Innovation Center

2pm Panel: Growing your Business Through Joint Ventures

Recent changes in federal regulations have made Joint Ventures and Mentor-Protégé programs more attractive for teammates, and this panel will discuss options and strategies. This panel will feature overview and breakout sessions with the speakers for a more intimate environment.

with Matt Stavish of Republic Capital Access, Donna Huneycutt of Wittenberg Weiner, Todd Overman of Bass, Berry & Sims, and Carolyn Dragseth of DC Contracting Group

3pm Panel: Cost, Pricing and Compliance for Federal Contractors

Every RFP that comes out has a more complicated spreadsheet for your pricing. You keep getting asked about DCAA approved accounting systems, and how you came up with your indirect rates, and where are your policies and procedures. You haven’t been able to find an accountant that understands federal contracting. You’ve got both federal and commercial work, plus a combination of software, training, services and OCONUS work, and the DCAA auditor keeps questioning how you’ve allocated your overhead costs. You’re worried about how to keep up with payroll and billing, you aren’t making the profit you should, and you aren’t sure where to get help with the DCAA issue.

This panel will provide answers with Juli Lopez of Streamline Defense, Jenny W Clark of Solvability, Traci Rowland Shepps of Cordia Partners, Wayne Leland of nPerspective, and Rich Wilkinson of Unanet.

4pm Panel: Business Growth Through Digital Media

How are you using social media for your corporate and social branding? How can you use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to raise your profile. How are you positioning yourself against competitors with SEO strategies? How are you using contact management and automation tools like Salesforce, Contactually, HubSpot, and other CRM tools to communicate with partners to boost your marketing to clients. profiles, and prospective employees? This panel will feature overview and breakout sessions with the speakers for a more intimate environment.

with Keith Hoffert of Catalyst Group International, John Hamerlinck of Wescat, Pete Blum of Solvability, and Brook Borup of My Clone Solution.

5pm Speaker & Reception

What is the future of the federal community across Florida? How are we connecting our federal contracting organizations, our economic development groups, federal agencies, military bases, our military and veterans to create a strong and sustainable economic base?

with Tommy Simon of Technology Brokers & Advisors, Lisa Monnet of Tampa Bay Defense Alliance, and Beau Higgins of Amazon

VETERAN’S CONNECTIONS DAY (Wednesday, March 29th)

9am Veteran Connections Keynote: The Value of a Veteran

Paul Huszar, President and CEO of VetCor, Army Veteran, and Veteran advocate will kick off Veteran Connections with the story of The Value of a Veteran.

9:30am Veteran Connections: Getting in Touch with the Community

One of the main issues Veterans face is getting in touch with the companies looking to hire them. Find out what is going on in the community and where to find the movers and shakers!

10am Veteran Connections LinkedIn Workshop: How to Find Veterans

If you’re searching but can never find the right Veteran candidate that you’re looking for then you need to learn how to laser focus your searches. LinkedIn expert Pete Blum will show you how.

10:30 Veteran Connections: Veteran Entrepreneurship

Jeff Goble, Principal at JeffGobleSpeaks.Com and Veteran Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Tampa Bay WaVE will talk to us on the process and challenges of entrepreneurship. We will also learn about programs and opportunities in Tampa to get started.

11am Veteran Connections: Veteran Resources Panel

There are many resources in our community. Everyone knows about some of them. We want to establish the resource road map you need in order to succeed. This panel breaks down many of the resources Veterans are looking for and stands ready to support our Veterans. Stay tuned for even more on the Veteran Connections Network!

11:30 Lunch Break

1pm Veteran Connections Revolver

Have you come locked and loaded to network? This speed networking session will spin you through several tables of Veterans and businesses where you get  a chance to introduce yourself, tell everyone what you do and what you are there for! Bring your business cards!

2pm Veteran Connections LinkedIn Workshop: Building a Better Profile

LinkedIn expert Pete Blum takes you through building a profile that will attract attention and communicate what is really needed to gain an edge.

2:30pm Veteran Connections: Veteran Opportunities

This panel will talk about career opportunities for Veterans.

3:30pm Veteran Connections LinkedIn Workshop: Networking

LinkedIn expert Pete Blum takes you through networking essentials for success.

4:00pm Veteran Connections: A Healthy Mind and Body Panel

Taking care of our Veterans and making them part of the community is about more than just helping them find a job. This panel talks about programs that are about healing, health, and fitness. Getting Veterans active and engaged with community after returning home is something we all need to be a part of.

Thursday, March 30

9am Panel: Success Strategies

What are your strategies for success in federal contracting? How do you leverage GSA schedules? Should you put all your energy into becoming a prime contractor using 8A, Hubzone, SDVOSB, VOSB, WOSB and other small business credentials? How can you use Cost Plus Contracting to expand your business?

with Billy Hogan of AC4S,  Sherilyne Dougherty of DAI SolutionsBrian Butler of VISTRA, and Rod Duke of Qualis Corporation.

10am Panel: Cyber 360

Everything we do has a cyber risk, with new regulations and standards coming out from all areas. Panel includes Cybersecurity, Cyber Law, HIPPA and FISMA requirements, DFARs 252.204.7012 Compliance, and network security practices. This panel will feature overview and breakout sessions with the speakers for a more intimate environment.

with Lisa Shasteen of Shasteen & Percy PA, Jonathan Hard of H2L Solutions, Michael Whitcomb of Loricca, Rick Roman of Gulf Coast Underwriters, Michael Ferris of Abacode, Angel Rojas of DataCorps

11:30am Keynote & Lunch with Sid Fuchs 

Sid Fuchs, President and CEO of MacAulay-Brown, and author of Get Off the Bench discusses how to create value through relationships. 

12:30pm Panel: Maximizing Your Value for Exit

When asked about their exit strategy, most small business CEOs say they’re planning to be acquired by a large prime contractor, and that their backup plan is to do an ESOP.  What’s your plan?  How do you find a buyer when you really can’t announce your intention?  What steps do you need to take NOW so that your company valuation will match the number you have in your head?
This panel will feature quick overviews from each panelist and then breakout sessions so you can discuss in smaller groups.
Subject matter experts include Brendon Dibella of StreetShares, Susan Gabay of Bluestone Capital Partners, Dorothy Tucker of Warren Averett, John M. Leitch of Winquest Engineering, Jason Northcutt of Bass, Berry & Sims, and Edward Spenceley of Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch.


1:30pm Co-opetition Strategy Session

Success in federal contracting requires creating a team of partners watching the market for opportunities. This collaborative session provides discussion of how to create a peer alliance focused on growth.

  • Partnering with commercial organizations (in a role as Sub or as JV partners)
  • Business Model Innovations
  • Better leverage the SBIR program
  • Changing Industry/Company Cultures

Hosted by Mark Swanson of Lane Five Ventures

2:30pm Panel: Are You Ready to Prime?

You’ve got the past performance, the teams, GWACs, GSA Schedules and are working on Mentor-Protégé and Joint Ventures.  It’s frustrating not to hear back from prime contractors as you are trying to develop relationships and teams.  Is it you?  Are you begging for work, or are you finding the need and the agency’s budget and determining how to carve out a new program and revenue?  Discover what agency and prime contractor representatives expect from you, before you can be considered “Ready to Prime.” This panel will feature overview and breakout sessions with the speakers for a more intimate environment.

 With Tara Wagner of PEO STRI, Chris Harrington of SOCOM, Joyce McDowell of NASA-KSC, Carolyn Fries of Doolittle Institute/Eglin, Garth Arevalo of Lukos, Rob Watson of Northrop Grumman, Pete Davis of MacAulay-Brown, Tony Land of Ironclad Technology Services, Bob Yuill of Yuill Strategic Solutions, and Terry Meier of Raytheon. 

Vendor Marketplace All Day Includes 1:1 time with our event partners listed below.

Let’s make it Fun, Interactive and Productive:

No one can set aside all day for both days. Attend the sessions you can. Set up meetings with your own partners during the event – there is pleanty of room to host your own small groups.

  • BUSINESS RADIO-X: Keith Hoffert of Business Radio-X will be in attendance again this year.  We’ll be adding a link so you can join the show. Get more exposure for your company by being on the air with Keith, and sending links to the show out afterwards.
  • Teaming Talks – your target areas, your socio-economic statuses, your past performance – and let’s share that information so you can have some teaming discussions.
  • Shared Capabilities PDF – will provide a downloadable document with your company profile for Small Business VIP registrations.
  • This is NOT the same old conference – we’re looking for your ideas how to make the best use of your time. Contact Listing in excel format – will be provided to all attendees after the event.

You Can’t Miss This

Focused exclusively on small business strategies for the federal marketplace, Florida GovCon Summit will broaden your thinking and provide actionable insights. Just as important as discussions with the thought leaders in attendance will be the opportunity to pursue these and other issues with your peers—fellow defense and aerospace contractors from companies with $500K to to $30 million in Revenue.

You’re NOT A STARTUP, and you don’t want to hear the same old stuff:

You’ve got active subcontracts, you’ve set up teaming agreements and even part of the way through Joint Ventures, Mentor-Protege and GSA Schedules.  You’ve got great past performance and you’re building your pipeline.  You’ve got most of your infrastructure in place.  But every time you get past one obstacle, you find out about another one!  You’re especially worried about being locked out of the market because you can’t get on the right contract vehicle!  And all this is costing so much time and money.  We’re determined to help you find the answers you need so you can walk away with an action plan and a broader range of teammates and opportunities.

Don’t miss out – space is limited.


To see what happened last year go to

BRX Studios Pensacola – Contact  or visit

Get in on the discussion -Click to join the Florida GovCon Community on LinkedIn.

Sponsor your own Radio In My Booth with BRX- Pensacola  — See what it looks like here  contact Keith @ 8502889959 or


Pensacola Business Radio: The Net Effect / Glenda Snodgrass-Assessing Cyber Security Risk: You Can’t Secure It If

The Net Effect, L.L.C. was founded in Mobile, Alabama (US) in 1996.

View my profile on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter Google+ Glenda R. Snodgrass has been lead consultant and project manager at The Net Effect since the company’s inception in 1996. She is primarily engaged in network security assessments & training, software implementations and technology project management.Glenda is experienced in managing database applications (litigation support, POS, accounting, ecommerce, CRM/ERP) in the US and in France, and has developed browser-based applications in PHP and mySQL. Her extensive hands-on software background gives her unique insight into the user’s perspective and the challenges of securing data while preserving functionality.

A popular speaker on the Gulf Coast, Glenda enjoys giving presentations on information security to civic and professional organizations. You will find her current schedule of public presentations on our Resources page.

She holds a B.A. from the University of South Alabama (1986) and a maîtrise from Université de Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris, France (1989).

Copyright 1996-2017 The Net Effect, L.L.C. All rights reserved. Read our privacy policy

Cyber Self Defense workshops every 3 months, and the next one is Feb 3 ( ).  These workshops are open to the public and designed for non-technical people to learn basic security practices, and of course I’d like to plug it on the show. You can ask me questions about any of the topics in the workshop.  Also, my workshops meet the requirements for the “New Technology Requirement” the Florida Bar is now requiring of its members.  You can read about this at and I expect more bar associations (and other professional orgs) to follow suit.

Cyber Security Risk: You Can’t Secure It If

Defeating Cybercrime with Awareness & Good Habits



Pensacola Business Radio: Spotlight Episode-Mitch Stephen / Founder

mitch-stephen was founded by Mitch Stephen with Javier and Manuel Oblitas to solve some particular marketing and sales issues they recognized were happening in their own businesses.

The main issue was missing inquiries and the need to improve communication with people who wanted more information.  LiveComm became the solution and more!

Can you imagine having the ability to capture the cell phone number of every customer who ever inquired about your business?  Then imagine being able to text every inquirer, at will, for pennies per text.

Technology is constantly changing the way entrepreneurs are staying in touch with their prospects and the pace at which businesses can grow. CLICK HERE to see how cutting edge entrepreneurs are using to completely surpass last year’s net profit!

Mitch Stephen / Founder

Self-employed RE investor for 20 years, starting at the age of 23.

  • Married to his wife, Tommi, and has a daughter, Shannon.
  • Bought and sold over 1,300 properties in and about San Antonio, Tx since 1996, specializing in buying distressed properties with OPM and selling those properties with Owner Financing.
  • Purchased and manages Self-Storage and Boat Storage facilities primarily around Canyon Lake (Texas).
  • Mitch is the author of 2 books: MY LIFE & 1,000 HOUSES: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom and its successor MY LIFE & 1,000 HOUSES 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties (currently available in audio version)
  • Mitch offers Online Education, Group Coaching, and Full-on Mentorships as it relates to all the aspects of Owner Financing.
  • Partnered with Raymond Braun in 2005 to create R.E. Capital, LLC, which specializes in loaning on exactly the kind of investor deals they wish they’d have found themselves
  • Forged the creation of Livecomm, a mass texting software designed to help eliminate problems that arise when you get 50 to 100 non-qualified calls a day from bandit signs advertising Owner Financed Houses.
  • Mitch and Partner Carlos Balido teamed up to get off the beaten trail of inflated house prices and started buying manufactured homes in  Mobile Home Parks they did NOT own.
  • Bought 140 manufactured homes and sold 50 of those notes to Jim Clayton of Clayton Manufactured Homes
  • Mitch likes to hunt and fish when he’s not writing songs or playing the drums.

Pensacola Business Radio: Konica Minolta Protecting Your Data Episode 2 / Expert Advise





TJ Edwards – Host /  Chad Lagrone – The Most Amazing Hat Ever

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.

Pensacola, Florida Area


Reid Rushing  | president – insurance division

Beck partners insurance

O: 850.476.3745

151 W Main St, Ste 200

pensacola, fl 32502




Robby Hinson

Senior, IT Consultant

Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund

Sally Fox — has been a practicing attorney since 1983. Sally’s primarily areas of practice include real estate (commercial and residential – including closings, development, title matters, boundary disputes, land use and quiet titles), creditor’s rights (including bankruptcy, foreclosures, and collections) and business formations and operations. She is certified by the Florida Bar is an expert in Real Property.


Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon, P.A.

2002 – Present (14 years)Pensacola, Florida

Practice Areas
Real Estate (commercial & residential)
Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights
Business, Corporate & Banking Law
Commercial / Business Entity Creation
Contract & Commercial Litigation
Mediation & Arbitration


Pensacola Business Radio- The Cyber Security and Internet of Things-Sponsored by Konica Minolta


TJ Edwards/Konica Minolta

How To Be A Visionary

Nobody sees your business the way that you do. And it can be a daunting task to share your vision accurately with others. Technology has the tools to help you accomplish this. But it’s too easy to get lost in the volatile technology landscape. Konica Minolta can help with the guidance and innovative solutions you need to make your vision a reality and position you as a leader in your industry.

You are the ultimate decision maker for your business. That’s a heck of a responsibility. We can help you forge a path to success by giving you the tools to make informed decisions that cut costs and lower your bottom line. We’ll also be there to help you understand industry insights, whether it is data security, mobile workforce or managing your enterprise’s content. You can navigate market trends with us as your trusted advisor.

What do you see when you take a good look at your business? Perhaps you see plenty of areas you’d like to improve. But how? That’s where those decisions become critical. How far can you go without going too far? Let Konica Minolta take that look at your business with you and help you find practical and affordable answers — relieving you of some of the guesswork into those looming questions.

Being a business owner or executive means you need a strong support system of trusted advisors and peers. A group of experts you can call on to help you make clear, informed decisions for the good of your company. Konica Minolta has the expertise to raise your business’ efficiency and profitability levels to their highest peaks. Call us to join your team and help you realize your vision.


Robby Hinson/Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund – IT Consulting


Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & GundAccounting, Tax And Consulting Services

Saltmarsh Cleaveland & Gund has been a leader in the professional services industry for more than 70 years in the Southeast including Pensacola, Ft. Walton Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida. Our reputation was built on the principles of honesty, integrity, accuracy and the highest levels of service to our clients and community.

We understand that running a business is more than number crunching, so we developed a team approach that allows us to draw from the diverse experience and expertise of our staff. Our experienced consultants can help you address financial concerns and formulate a plan to achieve your individual goals. Learn more about us:



Heather Reichmann-TIG

“Customers are fighting real adversaries in the marketplace. To succeed in deflecting them, they rely on a trusted partner that can provide end-to-end security. TIG delivers.”


Real-Time Awareness
React quickly and efficiently to new threats and understand the significance of events that has happened in the past so that your business is not vulnerable.

Maximize Value
Rely on a proven methodology to help you fully leverage security recommendations and technology solutions to maximize your investment. Our support span the breadth of solutions—from security risk assessments to comprehensive, customized deployments.

Eliminate the Guesswork
Enable your key IT event collection, correlation and analysis capabilities. Knowing which assets are both vulnerable and at risk can secure your organization so that you can focus your efforts on assets that need immediate attention.

TIG will review your current network architecture, change control, and other business processes to facilitate the recommendation and implementation plan to secure your business.

The Bash Bug Threat
The Bash bug, also known as “Shellshock,” could pose a larger threat than Heartbleed. This new high-severity threat discovered in the GNU Bash shell allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on targeted systems.


Pensacola Business Radio: Spotlight Episode-Sal Rehmetullah/Fattmerchant


Revolutionizing the payment solutions industry by offering a transparent subscription based merchant services model that offers financial and strategic value to the every day business owner. Why get FATT? Fast access to funds, affordable, secure transactions, and supportive customer service. Frustrated with your current credit card processor? We completely understand. Trust us, we’ve been there. Just like you, we’ve checked the mail and let our merchant service statement sit on the desk for days, avoiding it at all costs. It’s a dreadful, confusing, and frustrating part of being a business owner or handling a company’s finances. Seeing your hard-earned money sucked up by countless fees and surcharges is never easy, but saving money with fattmerchant is. We’re not here to make merchant services seem like rocket science. We’re here offering you the exact opposite experience. With fattmerchant you’ll never dread your merchant service statement again. In fact, you’ll probably be anxious to open it and see how much you’ve saved!


Merchant Services, Financial, Small Business Growth

  • Website

  • Industry

    Financial Services

  • Type

    Privately Held

  • Headquarters

    100 S Orange Ave Suite 400Orlando, Florida 32801 United States

  • Company Size

    11-50 employees

  • Founded


Graduating early from the University of Florida with a major in Finance, Sal has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. He founded his first startup at the age of 19 and spent time learning the ins and outs of business planning, marketing, finances and operations. Sal was recruited to work for Morgan Stanley in 2010 as the company’s youngest Financial Advisor managing assets and portfolios for clients and companies net worth of $10M+. Shortly after, he was recruited as a Client Director in the Customer Success Division at Anaplan, a Cloud Based SaaS Company, responsible for the west regions services team. At Anaplan, he led and delivered a multitude of customer success packages from the sales side, down to implementing a diverse group of use cases to Fortune 50 technology companies from Facebook to Tesla. Sal was one of the first 50 hires at Anaplan and worked his way to leading a team of 60 under his direct supervision.


Currently, Sal is focused on Strategic Alliances as well as helping drive the current vision of creating a streamlined Merchant Services process as COO and Co-Founder of Fattmerchant. His vision is to lead the team to excellence in industry standard, and to scale Fattmerchant to merchants nationally and internationally.   


This Show Sponsored By-
Sirius Logo tony-tejas-salsa 314d95_1a57d9fedb0e4673823f9b3f27fb2008 solvability_logo_FINAL_CMYK 2 HOPE Logo SQAURE Kyani-Independent%20Distributor-Vector-Logo-BLUE

Pensacola Business Radio- Spotlight Episode Guests: Alex Charwin with vTECH io


Alex Charwin / vTECH io – Regional Sales

vTECH io is a Premier Dell Partner dedicated to personalizing your Dell experience and Optimizing your IT environment! The mother company of vTECH io was founded in Naples, Florida in 1993. From humble beginnings, vTECH io is rapidly growing a national footprint, including a local rep right here in Pensacola. vTECH io’s goal is to get to know you, your business, and your goals, in order to give you the information and expertise necessary to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Alex recently joined vTECH io a little over 2 months ago and has taken over as the North Florida Account Executive covering everything from Pensacola to Jacksonville. During these 2 shorts months Alex has become certified in many different areas of Dell’s portfolio and with the help of vTECH’s engineering staff has assisted organizations in dozens of projects, ranging from picking the right laptop for the job to completely restructuring entire data centers.

Alex graduated from Florida Southern College in April 2015 with degrees in Economics, Advertising, and Public Relations. While at school Alex founded Florida Southern College’s first ever Relay for Life, founded the charitable organization Feed the Need, served as a part time admissions councilor, and worked in several different marketing and PR roles. This background allows Alex  a unique prospective, approaching technology with a holistic view of each and every business he works with.

Pensacola Business Radio: Spotlight – Guests: Jenny Clark with Solvability

Jenny W Clark

Your Coach for DCAA Compliant QuickBooks Boot Camp ♦ Veterans Advocate ♦ PodCaster

JENNY W CLARK: Solvability, i4GovCon Community and Summit, DCAA Compliant QuickBooks Boot Camp, Florida GovCon Podcast

As a small business owner in federal contracting, you need to focus on business development, recruitment, program execution and proposals, not worrying about your financial reporting and accounting. Dealing with billings, payroll and expense reporting takes up more of your time than it should. You don’t get your financial statements on time, the numbers keep bouncing around, and your banker keeps asking questions. You need to set up budgets and you need an indirect rate model for running “what-if” scenarios. How do you get your accounting processes streamlined, so you can get back to the real work?

Your options are:
Do It Yourself: Keep searching for answers online or relying on friends for templates.

Done for You: Get an outside group to “re-do” your system, and rely on them to take care of you.

DONE WITH YOU: Review the reporting you have and tweak it so your reports are more accurate and more current. Create a plan that builds on your current systems, shows you how to get more out of it, and focuses on best practices for federal contract accounting. Join live sessions and online courses as a member of a mastermind group, with access to advanced sessions specifically designed for small businesses in federal contracting.

For federal contractors, your accounting system shouldn’t be holding you back, but it will if you can’t pass DCAA audits or prove to a prime that you understand FAR 31 and follow CAS (even though you’re exempt as a small business.)

If you are ready to learn about a fresh approach to getting your accounting system on track – let’s talk. We offer training and support for small businesses in federal contracting including government contract accounting workshops, webinars, boot camps and conferences.

E-mail me at ……or call me right now at **256-882-6276** to get started.

Pensacola Business Radio: Spotlight Interview, Chaya Hendrick/SmartMetric,INC.


 Founder, President & CEO – SmartMetric Inc.: Ms. Hendrick is the founder and technology inventor of SmarMetric, Inc. and has been a successful entrepreneur, business executive and technology inventor for 30 years.  Ms. Hendrick has established a proven track record of outstanding financial returns and successful product launches across a wide spectrum of business initiatives.  Ms. Hendrick secured key patents for the technology she invented, with key patents dating back to 1999.

SmartMetric, Inc. is a technology engineering company that has developed miniature electronic systems and software for use in the field of Biometric identification and validation for the payments, security access and identity validation sectors.

 SmartMetric, Inc. is registered in the State of Nevada. Based in the United States, it has research and development centers in Buenos Aires, Palo Alto and Tel-Aviv.


Retail clerks that still skim credit cards will be stumped with the embedded fingerprint reader

Las Vegas –– June 29, 2016 —- “The underhanded will be stumped trying to figure out how to steal a fingerprint. That neat little way of life where a thief’s ideal retail position is to work just a few hours in the morning, then spend the rest of the day on Madison Avenue with a pocket full of skimmed ID on forged cards. That kind of manipulation by the devious is about over. Our fingerprint activated cards prevent skimming,”states Chaya Hendrick, CEO SmartMetric, Inc.

“No longer will a sneaky little swindler simply swipe your card through the cash register as usual, but then quite deceptively run it through a little skimmer device in his/her pocket. Your precious ID, now stored on the skimmer, is later manipulated to create a new credit card which will be used on an upcoming shopping spree. Those days will soon be over. Once the big banks start issuing our credit cards embedded with our miniature fingerprint reader, it is likely to be the end of the swindlers hey-day of ID theft.”

“Even if a thief should manage to physically steal your card, he/she can’t use it. The only way it works is by pressing the owner’s fingerprint on the card. The owner’s fingerprint is the only ID that can successfully complete a retail transaction, ATM transaction, or make a purchase on a POS card reader. Just press your finger on your card to make your card work. No one else can activate it,” concludes Ms. Hendrick.

SmartMetric has the only biometric card in the world with a miniature fingerprint scanner that can be used across all card reader platforms, including ATM’s. The SmartMetric card also conforms to all ISO and banking industry standards.

The Company is engaged in ongoing discussions with the biggest card issuers in the U.S. and Europe.


Registered in the State of Nevada and based in the U. S, SmartMetric, Inc. is a technology engineering, research and development company with centers in Argentina, Palo Alto, and Tel-Aviv.

SmartMetric specializes in miniature electronic systems and software for use in Biometric identification and validation. Hardware and software engineering are done internally. The Company can deliver unique and cutting edge enterprise-class products to the Payments industry, as well as Corporate and Government sectors.