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Pensacola Business Radio-03.31.16 Guests: Brian Frazier / Candidate, US House of Representatives FL, CD1


Brian Frazier / Candidate, US House of Representatives FL, CD1

Brian Frazier for US Congress



Brian Frazier, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Florida District 1. A retired Navy Captain, with 25 years of active duty service. The son of a career military man he has experienced the military as a dependent, active duty member, and a now a veteran. He has extensive personal experience in National Security affairs. He has years of experience in Washington D.C. working in and with Federal Departments, Agencies and Offices and has in depth, hands on leadership experience in the field of Anti-Terrorism. He is interested in returning our Federal Government to the people it represents to include a return to a constitutional government. Having never run for office before, he believes our representatives should be citizens who have acquired experience and knowledge and not career politicians. To that end, he is for term limits and will self-limit if unsuccessful in getting limits passed. He has a plan to get Veterans the health care they need and believes in a national carry policy concerning the second amendment.

“We don’t need Fundamental Transformation. We need to get back to Fundamentals”

Our founders blessed us with the most important and powerful political documents the world has ever known. We must respect the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America as the law of our land and get back to the core values that have made our country the most prosperous, most powerful, most inclusive and most fair country in the history of the world. We must have representation that will stand up and speak out for these values. I am ready to represent Florida District One in leading the effort to put the citizens of this country back in charge of their government. I will:

  • Support and defend The Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic
  • Work to enact Term Limits and immediately join the term limits caucus
  • Stand strong for 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Stand strong for Individual Liberty and State’s Rights
  • Vote to enforce The Rule of Law in accordance with the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God            

                          Elect a Vet

  • 25 year active duty Veteran with global experience.
  • A customer of the VA who knows what needs to be done to care for our veterans.
  • Extensive Successful Leadership Experience.
  • Naval Aviator with over 4,000 mishap free flight hours.
  • Washington D.C. Federal Department, Agency and Office experienced.
  • Graduate of the National Defense University’s Industrial College of the Armed Forces (M.S. National Resource Strategy) with understanding of where major cuts can safely be made.
  • Anti-Terrorism experience and expertise with in-depth understanding of the issues facing our nation and the world today.


VOTE for a Candidate who will work to revive the AMERICAN DREAM









Robert McClure

Pensacola Business Radio – 03.30.16 Guests: Walter Pierce / Levin Rinke Realty


Walter Pierce / Levin Reinke Real Estate

Aside from buying and selling real estate, Walter enjoys many other activities. His wife and four children are his top priority and he spends a great deal of time with his family. He also takes time for sailing, tennis, water sports, and reading for enjoyment as well as education. He is an active member of First Church Pensacola and ICON, the Pensacola LEAD-ers, Pensacola North Rotary, Teaches Sunday school, serves on the NBCook SAC, and is a partner in education with a local school. He enjoyed spending time teaching JA, Serving NE Sertoma and Gulf Coast Crime Stoppers, as well as acting as Rotary Liason to the CHS Interact club, and facilitator and group leader for Outback America and Rotary International district 6940 RYLA.

It’s a 30-year commitment. Start the relationship off right. Whether it’ s fixed or adjustable, for 15 or 30 years, buying a home is most likely the single largest purchase of your life. A commitment like that shouldn’ t be taken lightly. You need someone who definitely knows where the relationship is going.Someone who’ s serious about real estate and can guide you through the complicated process of buying a home; Someone to ease your mind and explain every detail.

You know someone to talk to and more importantly, someone who will listen. I am committed to making sure that you are comfortable during the entire home buying experience, and that you are satisfied in the end.

Everyone knows that a good relationship takes work. So when it comes to buying a home, work with someone who will work with you.

Is your property easy to show?

When you list your property for sale, you should do your part to get the maximum number of showings by making it easy to show. More showings mean more offers, and more offers mean you are more likely to get a higher price, and sell quicker!

Typically, after a realtor has searched the MLS and found a few suitable homes to show his buyer, he or she will call the listing agents or listing offices to get showing instructions and to make appointments to see the properties. Having been in this position many times, I can tell you how frustrating it is to get the listing agents voicemail but not get a return call in a reasonable time. When that happens, we will usually cross that property off our list.

I always answer my phone and it follows me home, or to my car, or to my desk at the office. Agents or buyers interested in seeing my listings reach me easily and that helps increase the number of showings.

Some instructions state “Listing Agent Must Accompany.” When an agent is showing four or five properties, it is virtually impossible to accurately predict arrival time at a particular listing. And if he or she arrives early, or the listing agent arrives late, an awkward wait with clients results. Some unscrupulous listing agents use this technique as a device to deliberately limit showings by other agents to increase their odds of selling the property themselves, thereby doubling their share of the commission. A seller might think the listing agent is showing extra initiative by agreeing to accompany every showing. Don’t be fooled — This is a bad idea.

Showing instructions might also state “24-hour notice required” or “appointment required.” Either of these is also sure to lose some agents and their buyers.

The best way to make your property accessible to agents with potential buyers is with an electronic lockbox. There are some very successful buyers’ agents who will not show a house that’s not on a lockbox. Don’t have them skip your house!

Some sellers fear for the security of their home and may not realize the safety features incorporated in this system.

Heres how it works. The lockbox containing your house key is secured to your front door. Licensed agents, active members of the Realtors Association, have an electronic key that looks and works something like a TV Remote. If a key were to be lost, there are two safeguards preventing its use by an unauthorized person. First, it is password protected and its internal password is updated on a daily basis at the agents base station or “cradle.” Second, each time it is used, the agent must enter his own private pin number. The SUPRA electronic lockbox itself, is an electronic marvel. Before releasing its contents, it verifies the key has been updated that day, and that the user has entered his correct PIN. It also records the name, license number, company and date and time used, for each opening. This information is later transmitted to a mainframe computer and is available online anytime, to the agent who owns the lockbox. Cheaper combination lockboxes do not have any of these security features.

A lockbox on your door does not interfere in any way with your entering or leaving your house. You work your door locks the same way you always did.

So, sellers — Make your home easy to show. Pick Walter Pierce who answers his phone and who uses electronic lockboxes.


Pensacola Business Radio – 03.30.16 Guest: Kevin Marchetti / Renaissance Man Inc.


Kevin Marchetti / Renaissance Man Inc.


Renaissance Man Inc specializes in custom design and fabrication of all kinds of metal work, from Architectural to structural items and decorative fine art pieces.
  • Architectural Metal Work and Interior Accent Designs: Spiral staircases; Balcony rails; Staircase handrails; Fences; Gates; Doors; Trellises; Tables; Chairs; Bar stools; Sofas; Benches; Lamps; Wall sconces; Chandeliers; Pot racks; Wall and standing sculptures
  • Commercial and Structural Fabrication: Brackets; Columns; Ship ladders; Beams
  • Materials: Steel; Aluminum; Bronze; Stainless steel; Copper; Cast iron; Brass; Nickel; Silver; Gold
  • Techniques: Welding; Brazing; Silver soldering; Casting; Hot forging; Bending; Cutting; Grinding; Punching; Silver soldering; 3D drafting/rendering
  • Finishes: Painting; Powder coating; Patinas; Plating (silver, gold, nickel); Texturing; Hammering; Natural; clear coat; Rust finishes; Galvanizing and more


  • Products: Fences, gates, stairs, handrails, trellises, Tables, chairs, barstools, benches, sofas, lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, pot racks, sculptures, wall sculptures, and custom creations limited only by our imagination.
  • Design: Drawing, drafting – Three dimensional drafting and rendering.
  • Materials: Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, nickel silver, silver and gold.
  • Techniques: Welding, brazing, silver soldering, casting, hot forging, bending, cutting, grinding.
  • Finishes: Painting, Powder coating, Patinas, plating (silver, gold, nickel), texturing, hammering, natural, clear coat, rust finishes, and more.
  • Equipment: MIG, STICK,TIG and Gas torches, CNC Plasma cutter, CNC router table, Iron worker, sheet metal break, machine shop-Lathe, Mill, rolling bender, hydraulic bender, scroll bender, full paint booth and miscellaneous hand tools and equipment.


Kevin Marchetti

Kevin Marchetti, the owner of Renaissance Man Inc., is an accomplished metal-smith, tool designer and artist who custom designs and fabricates functional art and museum class sculptures using a variety of techniques, metals and other materials. He holds degrees in both Civil Engineering Technology, and Drafting and Design.

Renaissance Man’s mission is to enhance client’s lives and the community ambiance with original, custom designs for functional and decorative art. His functional art includes furniture, balcony rails, staircase handrails, ornamental fences, sculpture and more. He uses all types of metal – cast iron, bronze, copper and gold. Marchetti often incorporates several mediums including metals, paint, pastels, fused glass, ceramics and hand carved wood. No matter the medium, his art is thought provoking and reflects his passion.

Marchetti has won numerous awards including 1st place at the Artell Gallery “Hands On” show, 1st and 3rd place in Jewelry at Pensacola Junior College. Prior to founding Renaissance Man in 2003, Marchetti worked at Westinghouse Electric Corporation where he earned several additional awards including five Patent Disclosures, five cost reduction awards, two Quality Achievement awards and 27 quality improvement change requests. In addition, Marchetti also designed and fabricated tools and fixtures on combustion turbine engines and was team leader on a D-5 test hoist stand while working on nuclear submarines and nuclear steam generators.

Marchetti is president of the Pensacola Professional Artists Guild, and is committed to community service. Marchetti was a big brother in United Way’s Big Brother/Big Sister mentor program and was named big brother of the year in 2001. In addition, he’s participated in the United Way and has been a Christian Children’s Fund child sponsor since 1989.

Contact/Estimate Request

Renaissance Man Inc.
2203 N. Pace Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32505
(850) 432-1177

Pensacola Business Radio: Live Coverage of The I4GovCon Summit


The idea for creating the i4GovCon Summit came from the Thunderdome Initiatives that have been floating around our community for the past year.  Knowing that Orlando and the Space Coast also have tremendous resources for aerospace and defense, we wanted to expand across the state, so we chose the “i4” to mark the location of this inaugural event.  There are similar conferences in other parts of the state, including the ITen Wired Summit covering northwest Florida communities, the First Coast Defense Expo in Jacksonville, the Space Coast Tech Expo in Melbourne and of course all the larger conferences such as I/ITSEC and SOFIC.

Our aerospace and defense community is spread across the state and to some extent it’s overshadowed by beaches, theme parks, and real estate development.  The goal of i4GovCon is to bring small business leaders from this crucial industry and supply chain together. The I-4 corridor is one of the fastest growing areas of the state.  According to a report by Enterprise Florida and Career Source Florida, “Florida’s defense industry had a $79.8 billion economic impact in Florida in 2014.”  Forward Florida reports that the space program “generates more than $19.2 billion in annual revenue.”  Commercial applications and other technology initiatives provide even more growth potential.

Instead of another DC trip, join us at i4GovCon in Tampa on March 24.  Let’s make things happen here! A fast track to meeting other like-minded professionals, the i4GovCon summit is a smaller and more focused event for those who are committed to the federal marketplace.

Veterans are the heart of the aerospace and defense community. Whether on active duty, in the reserves, or transitioning to civilian careers they deserve our support. One aspect of the summit will be to bring together some of the resources that serve this community. Florida is pushing to be the top state for veterans, to accomplish that we have work together to create better connections and networking between our companies and the veterans. We can assist on their way to a future career in our community. For example setting up a veteran friendly program.

Veterans already have what we are looking for: Leadership, discipline, and decision making skills. Let’s use this event as an opportunity to improve the veterans workforce in our communities.

Join our LinkedIn Group: i4GovCon Community



Jenny Clark / Solvability and Nadya Depontbraind / Realtor


Bill Schley / Brand Team Six


William Anton, Ph.D. / CEO Effectiveness


Carol Ann Dykes / UCF Business Incubator


Crista L. Shaw, M.S. / Regional Employment Radio and DeSheun C. Hines / VetaStart, LLC


Jeffrey A. Young / Marjau Systems Corporation


Katy Wolf / Celestar 


Kirk Burton / Senior Commercialization Guide


Martin Long, CPA / Long and Associates


Nancy Laine / Project Transition


Peter D. Berardi PhD, CDR USN(RET) / SOF-ONE,LLC


Scott “Mack” Macksam / Veterans Art Center Tampa Bay


Lauren G. Weiner, Ph.D. / WWC and Dr. Sherilyne Dougherty / DAI Solutions


Tim Hagerty / Pro Dash



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Pensacola Business Radio- Senior Voices Alliance Promotion-Guests: Sharyon Miller / Greater Pensacola Chamber, Kenny Holt / TLC Caregivers


Sharyon Miller / Greater Pensacola Chamber

Senior Voices: Senior Awareness Day

Vickrey Community Center
2130 Summit Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32504

Join the Greater Pensacola Chamber’s Senior Voices Alliance for their first annual Senior Awareness Day.

The Senior Voices Alliance is designed to empower Chamber partners in the elder care industry with education and tools to help inform and enable the aging demographics. Senior Awareness Day will be filled with vendors providing falls prevention assessments, hearing tests, sight evaluations and countless more resources to aid and educate. The Senior Voices’ Tool Kit will also be available.

Individuals interested in becoming involved with Senior Voices are encouraged to contact Sharyon Miller at


Kenny Holt / TLC Caregivers
Community Resource Educator


Founded in 1989, TLC Caregivers is Northwest Florida’s most established provider of private duty personal care. Growing from simple roots – a startup out of the founder’s living room – TLC’s mission is to provide the highest quality assistance to those in need while maintaining their dignity and independence.

In 1997, TLC was acquired by a local business leader who, himself, learned the value of high quality, dependable caregivers in helping his own mother live at home. Under this leadership, TLC Caregivers has flourished and has earned its reputation as a leader in the industry.

Operating in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties and offering 24-hour non-medical care, TLC gives peace of mind to countless families in the area. We take pride in providing appropriate, timely care to assist clients in their independence and to provide families respite as they care for loved ones.

(850) 857-0920
4400 Bayou Blvd. Suite 9, Pensacola, FL 32503



Pensacola Business Radio- Women In Technology Series Ep. 3


Bronwyn Naylor / Techworx

Ashlee Mosley Brown / Training & Culture Development & Facilitator
App River

Robyn S. Philips / Sr. Channel Sales Advisor
App River



XP Support has ended!

Need help upgrading your software?

Having problems with Adware/Malware?

Need help with a networking issue?

 contact us now to schedule a servicing.

 Walk-ins are welcome on a first come/

first served basis.

 Call us @ 850-934-0059

Robyn S. Philips / Sr. Channel Sales Advisor

I am entering my eight year at AppRiver and I continue to manage Channel partner relationships with the highest regard for AppRiver’s phenomenal customer care and response time, which is demonstrated in our Channel growth this past year. AppRiver is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application provider offering award-winning email and Web security solutions to businesses of all sizes. Understanding the need to protect networks from today’s increasingly complex IT threats, AppRiver offers businesses a comprehensive, yet affordable subscription-based solution that incorporates the latest spam and virus protection, email encryption and Web security on the market. In addition, the company provides a complete managed service for Microsoft Exchange, as well as a bundled Office 365 solution. Since its inception, AppRiver has sustained an impressive 93% customer retention rate while growing its customer base to more than 47,000 companies and over 10 million mailboxes worldwide.

Ashlee Mosley Brown / Training & Culture Development & Facilitator
App River

Training Facilitator & Curriculum Development Specialist


Leveraging my expertise of AppRiver’s Strategic Partnerships, products and culture, I am driven to provide prompt results for all requests that come my way. I specialize in building relationships and creating an ethos of learning and mutual respect across departments and companies; creating and facilitating new hire training for all employees; creating and facilitating product, process and cultural training as needed and having and promoting a culture of fun while doing it

AppRiver has a simple mission – to be Phenomenal.

So what does being phenomenal mean for you? It means you can try out any of our services at no charge for 30 days and make sure they’re right for your business. It means you can cancel your service at any time without penalties. And it means you will deal with a well-trained, experienced team of AppRiver employees – available all day, every day – from your first call and every call thereafter. All of that means you’ll have fewer issues and that the ones you do have will be resolved quickly and accurately. Our job is simply to make your business better.

But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of over 47,000 customers worldwide, protecting 10 million mailboxes and earning a 93-percent customers retention rate. We’re still working hard to provide the best customer service in the business because keeping our customers happy today (and tomorrow) is all that matters!


Pensacola Business Radio – Young Entrepreneurs Radio Series Ep. 4


Addie Sims

Addie Sims is 15 and a sophomore at Gulf Breeze High School. Initiallyou sells completely customizable and unique initials for your home and workplace. Initiallyou has been crafting their initials for the past two years and has sold over 200 products. The company has a proven track record with arts festivals, select retailers, home parties, social media and word of mouth. The CEO, Addie Sims, has always been passionate about art and wanted to share this passion with others. When her family and friends began asking Addie for the products that she simply created for fun her hobby quickly turned into a business.

he Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a ground-breaking program that takes students through the process of starting and running real businesses over the course of a full academic year.

YEA! students, as a class, visit area businesses, meet succ entrepreneurs, meet with professionals (attorneys, accountants, bankers, graphic designers, web developers, insurance providers, etc.), develop a business or social movement idea and plan, and work with mentors.

Students then pitch their ideas to a panel of investors made up of local business and community leaders with real dollars at stake to obtain funding, and then launch their venture. By the end of the class, students own and operate fully functioning businesses.


YEA! classes meet Tuesdays from 5-8 p.m. at the University of West Florida’s campus from November through May.
YEA of Greater Pensacola

. . .

Students in grades 6 to 12, from Santa Rosa and Escambia County are encouraged to APPLY NOW!

Interested in participating as a sponsor or volunteer in the program?

Click here for more sponsorship and volunteer information.


Pensacola Business Radio- 03.21.16 Laticia “Action” Jackson / Power of E3 Conference


Laticia “Action” Jackson

Health and Fitness Expert / 2008 Fitness Olympian Laticia “Action” Jackson has been called one of the most dynamic and energetic personalities in the health promotion, body awareness, behavior change, community health and fitness field.

With an academic success that includes a Master’s Degree in Public Health (M.P.H), B.S. Degree in Exercise Physiology, Certified Master Level Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Loss Counselor and Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialists, it has been proven that Laticia “Action” Jackson has the knowledge, skills and ability to motivate, inspire and cultivate change in the lives of those whom she comes in contact with! She’s received both national and international recognition by being featured as a quest athlete and writer for over 13 national and international health and wellness publications (Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Active USA etc.) Her dynamic energy and ability to motivate others has allowed her to be known as the fitness and health expert for television stations such as CW 31.

Her amazing ability to connect with her audience and tell a story has resulted in her being invited to speak at annual women’s empowerment events such as The Emmett Tills Legacy Foundations “Loving from the Inside Out Symposium,” Alpha Kappa Alpha’s “Paint the City Pink Breast Cancer Event” and additional speaking events that provide women with the tools to empower and transform their lives.  

She’s the author four health and wellness books including “I’m Not a Size Zero, I’m a Size Healthy” a women’s fitness and wellness training book that focuses on the impact the media has on women and their body image and provides solutions for women to embrace their bodies and themselves. Her successful workshop “Love Your Body, Love Yourself” was created from “I’m Not a Size Zero” and has been sponsored and supported by West Florida Hospital (Ranked Top 100 Hospital in 2015) with rave reviews and consistent positive feedback including event coverage on WEAR Channel 3 and BLAB TV.

Action Jackson is often called upon from national organizations such as The American Heart Association, The American Diabetes Association and The American Cancer Society to use her expertise for nation-wide health promotion and health awareness events.



Third Annual Day for Women by Women: Educate, Enlighten and Empower

Benefiting Sacred Heart Hospital Foundation for Women in Need of Health Care

Saturday, April 30, 2016

8 am to 4 pm

Sacred Heart Hospital Conference Center

5151 N. 9th Avenue, Pensacola, FL


Mainstay Financial Group and Sacred Heart Senior Services are proud to present a Day of Education, Enlightenment and Empowerment for women 55 and over.  In its 3rd successful year, the theme for this year’s event is: Wise Women Keep Learning. This women only event will feature Pensacola’s own recognized speaker and author, Kathleen Vestal Logan.  Kathleen is the co-author of the award-winning book Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life that Matters after Fifty and has recently published a new book:  Women’s Wisdom: Pass It On.  Channel 3 anchorwoman Sue Straughn will once again be the MC for this exciting event.   Other topics include:

  • The Value of Financial Wisdom, by Annalee Leonard, Founder & President, Mainstay Financial Group
  • Health & Vitality: Mid-Life and Beyond, by Suzanne Bush, MD, Sacred Heart Medical Group
  • It’s Never Too Late to Love Your Body & Yourself, by Laticia “Action” Jackson, Lifestyle & Fitness Expert

Power of E3 is a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit and all net proceeds will go to the Sacred Heart Hospital Foundation to benefit women in need of health care.

We are asking for your support of this women only event by:

  • Being an event sponsor;
  • Having women from your business staff a vendor table at the event;
  • Being a supporter and/or placing an ad in the program booklet;
  • Purchasing tickets for female members of your business.

Register online at  If you have questions or want more information, please contact us at 850-437-3127, e-mail or visit

Early bird ticket $50 thru April 1st

Regular ticket $60 after April 1st

At the door ticket $65
Breakfast, breaks, and buffet lunch included! Lunchtime bonus: Fashions by Chicos

Pensacola Business Radio-3.17.16 Guests: Dr. Karen Rasmussen/UWF, Jonathan Hoffman/Air Care Wizard


Dr. Karen Rasmussen

Associate Director | (850) 474-2301 |


Ph.D., Instructional Design and Development, University of South Alabama


Dr. Karen Rasmussen is the Chief Academic Strategist of the Innovation Institute and Assistant Provost at the University of West Florida. She leads initiatives related to distance learning, academic policy and infrastructure. Dr. Rasmussen leads MyCareerShines, the state of Florida career and readiness tool. As part of the Complete Florida initiative, Dr. Rasmussen works with academic affairs colleagues across the State of Florida to build systems for program completion and data integration. She has worked on the implementation of mobile learning program delivery in the areas of Performance Technology and Technology Systems Support. Dr. Rasmussen holds the rank of professor, teaching courses in Instructional Systems, Curriculum, Performance Technology, and Instructional Technology. Dr. Rasmussen has co-authored a text on web-based instruction and conducts research on the variables affecting learning in distance environments and persistence and success in program completion. Dr. Rasmussen has served as Department Chair and Associate Dean.

Logo_InnovationInstitute_fullColor_no background UFIN_CareerShines_logo_with taglines_70by40




Jonathan Hoffman / Air Care Wizard

Air Care Wizard

Air Care Wizard is locally owned and has been proudly serving the Gulf Coast area since 2004. We are active in the community and our team members can been seen at Chamber of Commerce functions, networking events, music festivals, ballgames, sporting events, and of course the Mardi Gras parades.

As long- time residents of the Gulf Coast, all of our team members take pride in doing the best work we can for our neighbors. We believe there are no better people in the world than those who reside along our Gulf Coast.

At Air Care Wizard our motto is “Do the Right Thing.” If it is the “Right Thing” we all are winners.

Air Care Wizard is proud to have been chosen as the Small Business of the Year 2013-2014 by the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce. This prestigious award demonstrates our adherence to ethical business practices in dealing with the community.

The Better Business Bureau has accredited us with its highest A+ rating. We received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List in 2013 and 2014.

At Air Care Wizard, we know that when doing business a positive experience is what cultivates customer loyalty and stimulates referrals for more business. It is our belief that your experience is not limited to the indoor air quality of your home or business – it begins with your first call to Air Care Wizard and continues through each sale, installation and service process.

We call many of our customers friends and are proud to be a part of this community

Pensacola Office

  • 698 E Heinberg St, Pensacola, FL 32502
  • 850-471-9400

Pensacola Business Radio 03.16.16 – Guests: Gary Gosch / Success Corporation Ltd., Caitlin Newby / Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, Terri Ramos / YEA


Gary Gosch / Success Corporation Ltd.

Gary is the president of Success Corporation LTD. He has worked with large corporations, small businesses and non-profits to lower costs, increase revenues, and add to the bottom line. His plans and strategies have helped new start-ups generate over $500,000 in sales in their first year and other smaller companies have almost tripled in size in 12 months time. He will give you great advice and feedback that will help your company grow!

Gary has had his own radio show – Success Insight, and run his own business.  Several of his relatives were also business owners.  He has experience working with a variety of businesses including telecommunications, financial, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation and construction. He has a BA degree from Franklin College and has won national and state awards for communication, public relations, marketing and community service. His customer service training program has received national recognition.

Gary is an avid runner and has coached runners at the youth, high school and adult levels.  Many of the high school runners he trained, gained scholarships to college.  His adult runners have won numerous age group awards and qualified for the Boston Marathon.




Caitlin Newby/Greater Pensacola Chamber
Program Specialist

Program Manager of Leadership Pensacola, Leadership Pensacola Alumni and Youth LeaP. Coordinate events for the Chamber including Gopher Club breakfast, Business After Hours, Greeters, Seminar Series and ribbon cuttings for new businesses. As a team member of the partnership arm of the Chamber, I work with other staff to ensure each partner is getting the most from their membership

Youth Leadership Pensacola

Youth Leadership Pensacola (LeaP) recognizes the important contribution young adults make in creating a strong, progressive community. Youth LeaP, a program for high school sophomores and juniors, encourages life-long responsible community participation. Through interaction and problem solving with peer and community leaders, students learn about current issues, community resources, and how they can influence the future of the Greater Pensacola area. Youth LeaP began in the 1988-89 school year as a project of LeaP Alumni. It is now guided by two volunteer chairs and a curriculum committee that consists of LeaP alumni. The program has the support of the Escambia County School District. For more information, please contact Caitlin Newby at (850)-438-4081, ext. 235.

Applications for the Youth LeaP Class of 2017 are now open! The deadline to apply is Friday, Apr. 15, 2016 at 3 p.m. Download application here.


Terri Ramos/GBSI 

Global Business Solutions, Inc., established in 1995, offers customers a distinctive blend of IT services, education and training resources, and information assurance solutions. Managed by a team of executive leaders experienced in the fields of information technology and training services within industry and government, GBSI prides itself on exceeding expectations. Our award-winning solutions give clients the support tools needed to successfully deliver in evolving environments with confidence.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Middle and high-school students in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties have the unique opportunity to start and launch their own REAL businesses or social movements by participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), a program co-sponsored by the Greater Pensacola Chamber and Global Business Solutions, Inc. Applications for the 2016-2017 academic school year have not opened yet.

YEA! Pensacola – Young Entrepreneurs Academy 2015

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a ground-breaking program that takes students through the process of starting and running real businesses over the course of a full academic year.

YEA! students, as a class, visit area businesses, meet succ entrepreneurs, meet with professionals (attorneys, accountants, bankers, graphic designers, web developers, insurance providers, etc.), develop a business or social movement idea and plan, and work with mentors.

Students then pitch their ideas to a panel of investors made up of local business and community leaders with real dollars at stake to obtain funding, and then launch their venture. By the end of the class, students own and operate fully functioning businesses.