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Pensacola Business Radio- Spotlight Episode Guests: Alex Charwin with vTECH io


Alex Charwin / vTECH io – Regional Sales

vTECH io is a Premier Dell Partner dedicated to personalizing your Dell experience and Optimizing your IT environment! The mother company of vTECH io was founded in Naples, Florida in 1993. From humble beginnings, vTECH io is rapidly growing a national footprint, including a local rep right here in Pensacola. vTECH io’s goal is to get to know you, your business, and your goals, in order to give you the information and expertise necessary to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Alex recently joined vTECH io a little over 2 months ago and has taken over as the North Florida Account Executive covering everything from Pensacola to Jacksonville. During these 2 shorts months Alex has become certified in many different areas of Dell’s portfolio and with the help of vTECH’s engineering staff has assisted organizations in dozens of projects, ranging from picking the right laptop for the job to completely restructuring entire data centers.

Alex graduated from Florida Southern College in April 2015 with degrees in Economics, Advertising, and Public Relations. While at school Alex founded Florida Southern College’s first ever Relay for Life, founded the charitable organization Feed the Need, served as a part time admissions councilor, and worked in several different marketing and PR roles. This background allows Alex  a unique prospective, approaching technology with a holistic view of each and every business he works with.

Pensacola Business Radio: Spotlight – Guests: Jenny Clark with Solvability

Jenny W Clark

Your Coach for DCAA Compliant QuickBooks Boot Camp ♦ Veterans Advocate ♦ PodCaster

JENNY W CLARK: Solvability, i4GovCon Community and Summit, DCAA Compliant QuickBooks Boot Camp, Florida GovCon Podcast

As a small business owner in federal contracting, you need to focus on business development, recruitment, program execution and proposals, not worrying about your financial reporting and accounting. Dealing with billings, payroll and expense reporting takes up more of your time than it should. You don’t get your financial statements on time, the numbers keep bouncing around, and your banker keeps asking questions. You need to set up budgets and you need an indirect rate model for running “what-if” scenarios. How do you get your accounting processes streamlined, so you can get back to the real work?

Your options are:
Do It Yourself: Keep searching for answers online or relying on friends for templates.

Done for You: Get an outside group to “re-do” your system, and rely on them to take care of you.

DONE WITH YOU: Review the reporting you have and tweak it so your reports are more accurate and more current. Create a plan that builds on your current systems, shows you how to get more out of it, and focuses on best practices for federal contract accounting. Join live sessions and online courses as a member of a mastermind group, with access to advanced sessions specifically designed for small businesses in federal contracting.

For federal contractors, your accounting system shouldn’t be holding you back, but it will if you can’t pass DCAA audits or prove to a prime that you understand FAR 31 and follow CAS (even though you’re exempt as a small business.)

If you are ready to learn about a fresh approach to getting your accounting system on track – let’s talk. We offer training and support for small businesses in federal contracting including government contract accounting workshops, webinars, boot camps and conferences.

E-mail me at ……or call me right now at **256-882-6276** to get started.

Pensacola Business Radio: FoodieLife Radio- Hungry Brothers going Boneheads!



Foodie Life is a Culture Brand who’s mission is  “To Seek the Flavor of Life through Food, Culture and the Human Experience.”

Foodie Life people—lovers of flavor, food, adventure, culture, night life, travel and —are a true community of their own. Our first move was to tap into the strength of that community by telling Foodie Life stories and uniting them around a lifestyle. Next, we are building the ecommerce program, launching with a fresh Foodie Life website design and a strategic email marketing plan to fuel online shopping. Introducing visuals and messaging giving the brand an edge that matches the energy of Foodie Life.

Foodie Life Radio Hour is a platform for Fellow Foodies to share some of their passions and experiences in the Hospitality and Culinary arena. A collection of funny stories, cultures, flavor and human experiences!!!



Brothers hungry for food,fun and knowledge. If you’re interested in good food, good conversation and fun times we are here for you. Join Hunger Nation.










Pensacola Business Radio: Spotlight Interview, Chaya Hendrick/SmartMetric,INC.


 Founder, President & CEO – SmartMetric Inc.: Ms. Hendrick is the founder and technology inventor of SmarMetric, Inc. and has been a successful entrepreneur, business executive and technology inventor for 30 years.  Ms. Hendrick has established a proven track record of outstanding financial returns and successful product launches across a wide spectrum of business initiatives.  Ms. Hendrick secured key patents for the technology she invented, with key patents dating back to 1999.

SmartMetric, Inc. is a technology engineering company that has developed miniature electronic systems and software for use in the field of Biometric identification and validation for the payments, security access and identity validation sectors.

 SmartMetric, Inc. is registered in the State of Nevada. Based in the United States, it has research and development centers in Buenos Aires, Palo Alto and Tel-Aviv.


Retail clerks that still skim credit cards will be stumped with the embedded fingerprint reader

Las Vegas –– June 29, 2016 —- “The underhanded will be stumped trying to figure out how to steal a fingerprint. That neat little way of life where a thief’s ideal retail position is to work just a few hours in the morning, then spend the rest of the day on Madison Avenue with a pocket full of skimmed ID on forged cards. That kind of manipulation by the devious is about over. Our fingerprint activated cards prevent skimming,”states Chaya Hendrick, CEO SmartMetric, Inc.

“No longer will a sneaky little swindler simply swipe your card through the cash register as usual, but then quite deceptively run it through a little skimmer device in his/her pocket. Your precious ID, now stored on the skimmer, is later manipulated to create a new credit card which will be used on an upcoming shopping spree. Those days will soon be over. Once the big banks start issuing our credit cards embedded with our miniature fingerprint reader, it is likely to be the end of the swindlers hey-day of ID theft.”

“Even if a thief should manage to physically steal your card, he/she can’t use it. The only way it works is by pressing the owner’s fingerprint on the card. The owner’s fingerprint is the only ID that can successfully complete a retail transaction, ATM transaction, or make a purchase on a POS card reader. Just press your finger on your card to make your card work. No one else can activate it,” concludes Ms. Hendrick.

SmartMetric has the only biometric card in the world with a miniature fingerprint scanner that can be used across all card reader platforms, including ATM’s. The SmartMetric card also conforms to all ISO and banking industry standards.

The Company is engaged in ongoing discussions with the biggest card issuers in the U.S. and Europe.


Registered in the State of Nevada and based in the U. S, SmartMetric, Inc. is a technology engineering, research and development company with centers in Argentina, Palo Alto, and Tel-Aviv.

SmartMetric specializes in miniature electronic systems and software for use in Biometric identification and validation. Hardware and software engineering are done internally. The Company can deliver unique and cutting edge enterprise-class products to the Payments industry, as well as Corporate and Government sectors.


Pensacola Business Radio: PURE H20 Series Ep. 2-Renewable Energy


Christian Wagley

Christian Wagley is director of 350 Pensacola, an organization working to raise awareness about solutions to climate change—including access to solar energy for the people of Florida. He also is principal of Sustainable Town Concepts, a consulting firm working under the premise that the most environmentally-beneficial thing we can do is to build healthy places for people. Christian is a certifying agent for the Florida Green Building Coalition and works with builders, architects, developers, and communities to create homes, buildings and landscapes that use less energy and water and are beautiful and durable. He is a strong advocate for restoring Pensacola’s urban core and making the City more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, and was a member of the Mayor’s Urban Redevelopment Advisory Committee. He is the writer and host of EarthAction—a five-part environmental series that debuted on WSRE Public Television in 2013.



Dan Gardner

Native Pensacolian now residing in Milton, FL Husband and father of 3 boys. Prior to co-founding Compass Solar Energy, Dan served in various executive and director positions within the healthcare field, a span of over 20 years. A desire to move back to Pensacola and an entrepreneur spirit to positively impact this community led him to the Solar Energy sector. Since 2004 Dan has been developing business strategies within the renewable energy industry with a vision of reducing Florida’s reliance on fossil fuels and more utilization of Floridas natural resource  the Sun.




Laurie Murphy

Host: Laurie Murphy

Executive Director/Coastkeeper

Emerald Coastkeeper

As a member of Waterkeepers Alliance, we strive to maintain drinkable, fishable, swimmable waters for our community.

You can start tuning in to “PURE H2O” every Wednesday at 9AM CST on Pensacola Business RadioX. Every Wednesday there will be a local discussion on important environmental points of interest. From clean energy to healthy water to environmental justice, education and much more.

For our first podcast, Laurie Murphy, Executive Director of Emerald Coastkeeper will be interviewing local educators and a non-profit organization “Harnessing Opportunity and Power of Education (HOPE) about the importance of supplemental STEM education and art/cultural education in underserved communities.

For more information on how you can be a guest, contact Laurie Murphy at

Founded in 1999, Emerald Coastkeeper is one of 240 (and counting) member organizations of the Waterkeeper Alliance. We are a grassroots organization that monitors four main watersheds in the Florida Panhandle. Our mission is to investigate, educate and protect our right to swimmable. fishable and drinkable water. We believe that healthy waterways are directly connected to healthy communities and healthy people.

In our four watersheds, you will find many springs, creeks, rivers, bayou’s, bays and of course, the Gulf of Mexico.

Pollution can happen anywhere, not just from large industries. Some of the greatest concerns in our region stem from residential pollution.

Some of the more common culprits are septic system failure, erosion and sedimentation, nutrient loading from fertilizers, red tide, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, (PCBs) lead, mercury, animal wastes, industrial paint source discharge, oil spills, commercial vessel pollution, residential development, and household garbage.

Protecting our waterways and drinking water from contaminants is everyone’s responsibility. We can’t do it alone…we need your help!

Feel free to contact us if you want to volunteer or to report a problem. We look forward to creating a healthy community with you!