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Pensacola Business Radio: Talking Influencers and Growth Hacking with Pavan Belagatti

Pavan Belagatti
One of the youngest growth hackers from India and a marketing influencer. He writes about marketing and growth hacking related topics, helps companies maximize their traffic and reach. Also a contributor on some of the top notch websites around the world like TheNextWeb, Influencive, ThriveGlobal, Tech in Asia, Linux Foundation, etc.
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Pensacola Business Radio: Spotlight Episode: Giffney Nagel, Community Builder / cowork@nnex

Giffney Nagel, Community Builder / Cowork@nnex
13 Palafox Place, 32502

First things first. This ain’t my first marketing rodeo.

I’ve pretty much done it all—sales, marketing, content, social, digital, managing creative teams and delivering results for start-ups and Fortune 50 companies alike.

A veteran of the field and office, I’ve got plenty of lessons-learned,
successes, and failures under my belt.


 Join cowork@nnex and become part of a community of tech-savvy, innovative, entrepreneurial people buzzing with creative collaboration.



Karen McLouth

Community Manager



17 S. Palafox Place

Suite 300, 3rd floor of the Brent building

E-mail for a visit to our space!




Pensacola Business Radio: Heart Centered Digital Domination Series Ep. 1-Zeekee, Appriver, G-Media Interactive and Lead Grasp-Sharing The Expertise

Calvin Bonifacio / Lead Grasp


Around here it’s a two-way street. We empower you and you empower us. It’s the way relationships should be.
Our greatest satisfaction is the success that we can bring to your small business. It’s why we come to work every day. Imagine headbands, coffee and keyboards. We work with intensity to deliver the results that you expect.
We know the clock is ticking. Running a small business is stressful. You don’t have money to waste,
which is why we work with intensity day in and day out.


We do everything with intentionality. It keeps us focused. Intentionally means that we have purpose,
and our purpose is you. We don’t cry over spilled milk. We clean it up and get back to work.
Bad days happen, but it’s how you respond to them that matters most.


As innovators, it’s our responsibility to see additional opportunities for your business.
Our digital marketing services continually evolve, so there’s always more that can be done.
We’ll figuratively bend over backwards to bring more opportunity to your business.
The foundation of any relationship is effective communication. You can call us whenever you’d like.
We have plenty of minutes. We’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing for your business. It’s part of our transparency.


Beth McClean

Digital Marketing Professional | Web Analytics Specialist for SaaS | Paid Search Strategy | Marketing Chair @ ITEN Wired

I enjoy challenging, innovative work environments and believe in producing only high quality results. From extensive experience in online research, web analytics, SEO, advanced digital marketing strategy, CRM implementation and data mining -I have acquired knowledge and skill sets that parlay into many business arenas.

Currently thriving as a Search Engine Marketer + Web Analytics Specialist providing data reporting (via Google platforms) and digital marketing insights for a SaaS provider for email and Web security solutions in the SMB / SME marketplace.

Formerly served as a business development and digital marketing analyst for a top-rated demolition firm with a special emphasis on identifying active large-scale infrastructure projects within the energy sector from industry analysis, SEM and database research. Marketing manager for the company’s digital marketing strategy including PPC, Organic, SEO, email marketing and CMS optimization-including site redesign for mobile search.

Digital Marketing Strategy (PPC, CMS & SEO)
Google Platforms: AdWords, Analytics, Console + Tag Manager
Web Analytics, Data Capture, Attribution Modeling Reporting
Market Research + Online Research
Sales, BD + CRM
Tech Marketing + MaaS

I am available for consulting in the area of digital marketing, paid search strategy and search engine marketing advanced strategy. I’ve worked in many sectors and am happy to provide key insights to build your online presence in the marketplace. Please reach out at for more information.

David Clark / Zeekee

We Are Here to Help

Zeekee Interactive is an internet marketing firm headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes grow on the internet. Through responsive websites, custom logo design and marketing collateral creation, we help our clients stand out from the crowd.
Our internet marketing department develops and implements strategies with white hat best practices in content development, SEO, SEM, email marketing and social media to help expand your brand’s reach online. No matter your needs or company size, our team has the experience and skills necessary to meet your needs.

Greg Guzman / G-Media 

I served as an Army medic during the Reagan years. My public media career now spans more than 20 years. Most of my broadcast career was spent on air and being a corporate marketing representative. At the core, I helped raise money from the business sector to support public radio and television.

As technology changed the delivery of content, I took great interest in all things internet including social media and search engine optimization. After speaking with many of my radio clients, I noticed there was a real need to assist small businesses with navigating the information superhighway.

Many of my clients became my mentors and they encouraged me to start my own business. That business became Greg Guzman Media, LLC which is now doing business as G-Media Interactive.

Greg Guzman Media, LLC began in January 1, 2012 with the idea to help businesses successfully negotiate the ever evolving landscape of digital media.






Pensacola Business Radio: Working From The Heart Series-Making Changes in Culture and Consciousness, Improving your Community, Mind, Body and Soul

From Left

Arvind Mani / Founder & President
MODE Mind & Body

Rethinking health and the human experience through float therapy, whole body sonic vibration, far infrared, and magnetic resonance therapy.


Kolleen Edwards Chesley / Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast

Kolleen Edwards Chesley has 25 years of experience in the financial services industry and spent the majority of her career as a financial advisor. In that role, Kolleen was responsible for finding her own clients and quickly learned the value of networking, networking, and even more networking. It was in 2004 and during her sales career that she, along with two other professional business women met for lunch with the purpose of helping to motivate each other after Hurricane Ivan had blown through our area and changed not only the physical landscape of the area, but also impacted the business landscape as well. Out of that lunch was born what is now a thriving not-for-profit organization for business women.


Kolleen currently serves full-time as the Founding Director of what was originally called Women’s Business Lunch and is now known as Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast. The organization advocates a culture of confidence building, lifelong learning, collaboration, empowering others and a spirit of charitable giving. The mission of Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast is to promote, advance and improve women in business and the organization accomplishes these in a number of different ways.

–             Monthly networking meetings in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze. These are open to all women and free to attend. We run a structured meeting with open networking, an educational segment, a sponsor presentation, an opportunity to hear about the businesses of all attendees, and a whole lot of fun. We frequently hear from attendees that these meeting are chock full of value and a great way to build new relationships to help support their businesses.

–             Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast Magazine. We are in our third year of production of the magazine and our goal is for this to be a quarterly publication. Each edition features interviewees of local successful leaders in business who share their honest thoughts on leadership, success, obstacles, and inspiration as it relates to women in business. We also include other articles on leadership, networking, and other skill development. It is geared for anyone in business or looking for business motivation and tips.

–             Annual Pursue Your Passion Women’s conference. To help celebrate National Business Women’s Week, we hold a full day conference during the third week of October along with several other events leading up to the conference. We feature a national keynote speaker, several local successful leaders in business, along with Speed Networking, an Experience Hall, structured and unstructured networking exercises and plenty of laughter, relationship building and excitement. Our attendees are not only motivated by the conference but they leave with tangible tips they can take back and implement in their businesses to lead them to success.

–             Power Up Challenge is a 12 week educational series where we hold classes once a week for an hour and a half focused around four main areas of business: Networking, Marketing, Business Efficiency, and Sales Skills. Open to men and women and all classmates (whether they attend in person or not) receive the full audio recording of each class along with class notes, expanded notes, and extra resources. Classes are affordable and attendees are elated with the amount and quality of the information that is shared.

–             Women in Leadership radio podcast show – sponsored by Pensacola Business Radio X. We hold shows twice a month and bring in mostly women but some men for in-depth interviews. Interviewees share their advice on topics such as mentoring, keys to success, time management tools, personal mantras and favorite inspirations, and what men can do to help support women in business.

Membership in Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast is also available. Contact for more information or visit our website at or Facebook at Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast.


Jon Shell / Upward Intuition

In the spring of 2015, Upward Intuition was created with the purpose of facilitating positive change in Pensacola. The three-word phrase that we center our work upon is simple: Thoughts Create Reality.

Taking the time to assess the needs of our community, led us to the realization that there is a great need for a bridge between the young innovative people with great ideas, and the local leaders who have the ability to help effect change. Today’s youth are important; they are our future, and should be part of a vibrant and growing Pensacola. We strive to lead by example in an effort to inspire and empower them to live with a sense of purpose, and to show the value of giving back the community. Through youth-driven programs we provide opportunities for young people to make good decisions. They are encouraged to be innovators by identifying problems and crafting solutions, and we support their goals by offering them ways to become involved in projects with lasting significance.

Upward Intuition is committed to creating positive change in Pensacola and we greatly value the support of those who share our vision. With openness to new ideas, effective partnerships, and collaborations with community stakeholders, we are confident in our city’s future as we act today to make a difference.

After nearly two years of hard work, The Blake Doyle Community Park is ready to move forward! Upward Intuition will be responsible for design and construction and recently, in October 2016, the City of Pensacola formally agreed to assume responsibility for operations and maintenance once the park is completed.

With that critical approval by the City secured, we at Upward Intuition are now able to begin Phase I of the skatepark project: Fundraising for soft costs (design/development, engineering, surveying, geotechnical, and architectural). Our fundraising goal for Phase I is $100,000.

The core of the project will be an iconic, destination skatepark that will serve, among others, the ‘Forgotten Youth’ of our community, the non-traditional athletes. (i.e. skateboarders, BMXers, rollerbladers). This top-notch public facility will even be suitable for professional skateboarding events. However, with additional areas in the park focused on such elements as general health, early learning, art and music, there will be activities and amenities for people of all ages and interests, from children to seniors.


Meghan McCarthy / Baptist Health

Meghan McCarthy has a vision to turn Pensacola Blue. “We are almost the least healthy county in Florida,” she said. “At what point are we going to get angry.”

A Blue Zone is a place where people live a measurably longer, more healthy life. Cities that have gone Blue have experienced dramatic health changes as a result.

Meghan’s plan involves starts with a shared vision of what a healthier Pensacola looks and feels like, and having Blue “pockets” throughout our community. We are working with Meghan and Baptist Hospital to make the skatepark one of these pockets.

What makes the Blue Zones so healthy? There are many factors.  They are called the Power 9:

  1. Move Naturally- Don’t think marathons, think gardening and walking.
  2. Have a Purpose- It is the reason you wake up every day.
  3. Down Shift – This requires the ability to manage our stress.
  4. 80% Rule – Eat until you are 80% full.
  5. Plant Slant – Make plants the center of your diet.
  6. Wine at 5 – One serving of alcohol daily with food and friends.
  7. Belong – Being part of a faith-based community.
  8. Loved Ones First – Invest in family with time and love.
  9. Right Tribe – Have social circles that support healthy behaviors.

What they all center on is that our environment is very powerful. If the healthy choice is the easiest choice, we are accidently healthier.

Some people think that the major factor of how long you live is your genes, but research has shown that genes only account for 20%. The other 80% is lifestyle.

To learn more about Blue Zones visit